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RUSSIA MAP. GENERAL INFORMATION - MOSCOW Time difference: One and half hour behind India time. Best time to visit for Indians is May to August. Low season.

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2 GENERAL INFORMATION - MOSCOW Time difference: One and half hour behind India time. Best time to visit for Indians is May to August. Low season considered oct to april. White nights takes place between 25may to mid july. 21june/22june are the longest days. Tourism business in winter is high in Moscow. Prices are higher in Moscow as almost 500 exhibitions take place between september to May. X mas / New year, there are lot of tourists. New Year is more important in Russia and people celebrate from 31 Dec to 10Jan. Safe to move around even at night. Careful at railway/metro stations Tipping in restaurants is 5 to 10% of bill. Drivers / guides tips as per european standard

3 CURRENCY/ MONEY CHANGE AND TELEPHONE CARDS : Russian currency is Rouble (RUR). 1 Rouble equals to 100 kopeeks. 1 USD = 30 roubles approx. Foreign currency should only be exchanged at official exchange offices and authorized banks. Exchange offices are numerous and easy to find. Large shops and hotels offer their own exchange facilities. Change money at airports or Western Union on the TVERSKAYA street (the main street of Moscow) Cellphones / sim-cards can be bought at chain of mobile shops called EUROSET Major European and international credit and debit cards, including Visa and Diners Club, are accepted in the largest hotels, shops and restaurants, but cash (in Roubles) is preferred.

4 VISA CHECK LIST FOR RUSSIA: Valid passport - six-month validity from the date of travel 2 Visa application forms 2photos with white back ground (35 x 45 mm) original hotel confirmation and original hotel voucher from Russia is required Photocopy of passport(first and last page) Bank Statements for Last Six months IT Returns for Last three years Proof of Employment/ Business SPECIAL NOTE: IMMIGRATION / CUSTOMS AT MOSCOW AIRPORT Visa often given for the exact dates of entry / exit. Arrival at Moscow you have to fill the Immigration card in 2 parts. One is kept with airport authorities and other is to be handed over at check in time at the hotel for verification. Departure at Moscow airport the passport control will keep the second copy with them. So keep this safely till departure from country. RUSSIAN VISA

5 Mariott Grand 5*, Moscow


7 Location Located on Tverskaya Street, in the very centre of the city, the Marriott Grand Hotel provides some of the finest services in Moscow. The guests are right in the center of the Moscow business, cultural and social life. Nearest metro stations: Mayakovskaya, Pushkinskaya, Tverskaya. Airport: Sheremetyevo-2 27 km Railway station: Belorussky vokzal 2 km Restaurants / Cuisine: The "Samobranka" restaurant International cuisine; The "Russky Pogrebok" restaurant Russian cuisine; The "Grand Alexander" restaurant French cuisine. Facilities: 340 Guest rooms and suites on 10floors Used for basis of Russian Extravaganza. Big room and bed size, bath tubs, tea coffee maker, safe, iron board, gym, sauna, pool, great service.

8 Moscow – Sightseeing ! A great city, the capital of Russia, Moscow was founded in 1147 by Prince Yuri Dolgoruky. It grew from a small town on the banks of the calm Moskva River into a giant city with a population of more than 9 million people and a territory of more than 900 square km. It is the country's most important hub: all the great rail lines radiate from it, and almost all flights to the former Soviet republics still go through Moscow airports. The heart of the city is the Kremlin. It is the symbol of Russia, the place from where Moscow began to grow. It is flanked by the Red Square, that is crowned by the gorgeous St. Basil's Cathedral. On the streets of Moscow the new meets the old: ancient churches are situated close to the awkward bulks of the «Stalin Gothic»; elegant mansions, built in «modern» style, are the neighbors of the Soviet skyscrapers on the New Arbat; and next to the Kremlin is the noisy and crowded main thoroughfare the Tverskaya Street with neon advertisements of famous foreign companies and firms, private stores and restaurants.


10 FULL DAY SIGHTSEEING IN MOSCOW a) Red Square, where you visit the Mausoleum of Lenin. (Lenin made the revolution in 1917, when monarche Russia became a communist country - USSR. When Lenin died his body was mummified and put in mausoleum especially built at the red square, so you can see his real body mantained there for more than 70 years.). Later visit the Saint Saviours cathedral (the main and biggest christian ortodox cathedral in Moscow) b) Kremlin: Walk around the Kremlin fortress, see the president palace and the Armoury Chambers from outside, take pictures with Tsars Cannon ans Tsars bell, see the 6 hystorical cathedrals and enter inside 2 of them. c) Arbat Street Very nice pedestrian retail shopping street. Clients can visit the souvenir shops, the street painters and lots of restaurants, bars and coffee-shops. Clients can buy local souvenirs such as Russian dolls, replicas of the cathedrals, Amer stone, other handicrafts, famous Russian Vodka Shopping Stores: GUM at Red Square, TSUM and Globus Gourmet at Moscow city center are some of the good places to shop




14 Tsars Cannon and Tsars bell

15 Old Arbat Street - Shopping

16 Moscow-by-night

17 ADDITIONAL SUPPLEMENT - Moscow Metro – Walking Tour At present the Moscow underground system has eleven lines with over 260 km of track and 156 stations. More than 8 million people use it daily. In 2010 Moscow Metro will celebrate its 75 th anniversary. Its oldest stations (Belorusskaya, Kievskaya, Komsomolskaya and others which date back to 1937– 1941) are decorated with marble, mosaics, stained glass panels and bronze sculptures and look like an art museum. Worth a visit as they look like art galleries. Some of the famous ones: Kiyevskaya (with mosaics on the walls), Novoslobodskaya (cristal design), Komsomolskaya (golden mosaics on sailings), Arbatskaya, Kurskaya.

18 Moscow Metro – Walking Tour

19 Moscow Circus

20 Train Moscow to St Petersburg

21 St Petersburg – General Information St. Petersburg is one of the greatest and most beautiful cities in the world, the historical and cultural importance of which is as big as that of Paris, London or Rome. St. Petersburg is the northern capital of Russia. It is the city of white nights, grandiose palaces, impressive cathedrals, wide streets, shady parks, numerous rivers and canals, the city of traditional hospitality and benevolence, the city with the open heart. St. Petersburg is often referred to as the Northern Palmyra or Venice of the North, the symphony in stone. Much of what is known outside Russia about the country's culture has come from this city. It was the birthplace of Russia's modern literature. It was from St. Petersburg that the Russian Ballet swept the West at the start of this century. The city of St Petersburg is known as the cultural treasure house of Russia and it is often refered to as an Open-air Museum. There are more than 140 museums and around 100 theatres. St Petersburg together with its palaces, museums, theatres, distant suburbs and their parks is renowned piece of the world's cultural heritage.

22 SIGHSEEING IN ST PETERSBURG City tour: Visit Peter&Paul Fortress. Visit St Issac Cathedral ( you can pay extra and climb over 262 steps a colonnade of the St Isaac Cathedral but takes about 20mins). Drive through the city with stops near Smolny Cathedral and Spilled Blood Church Visit to Kazan cathedral


24 St Issac Cathedral


26 Peter and Paul Fortress

27 Hermitage Museum


29 Petergof The world-famous palace, fountain and park ensemble of Peterhof is an outstanding landmark of Russian artistic culture of the 18 th –19 th centuries. Its wonderful parks, 176 fountains of various forms and styles and four cascades, majestic palaces, numerous gilded statues of ancient gods and heroes, remarkable collections of sculpture, painting and works of the minor arts make Peterhof a veritable gem of art, often called "Capital of Fountains", unique in the world. Recommend one way by car / van (45mins) and return by hydrofoil (30mins) which is comfortable and saves time). Peterhof not open Sept to May

30 Petergof


32 Tandoori Nights

33 THANK YOU !! Hope you enjoyed the presentation!

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