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the capital of Tatarstan

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1 the capital of Tatarstan
KAZAN the capital of Tatarstan

2 Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, is situated on the picturesque banks of the Volga river.. Kazan is home for nearly million people. Kazan’s population is mainly Tatars and Russians in background. Tourists from all over the world are attracted by Kazan’s natural beauty, it’s impressive museums, theatres, architecture and sightseeing. The city is surrounded by thick forests, blue lakes and wide fields. Kazan like Rome stands on seven hills, the highest of them is the Kremlin Hill where the city began a thousand years ago.

3 The Kremlin is the heart of Kazan, it’s architectural masterpiece
The Kremlin is the heart of Kazan, it’s architectural masterpiece. It has been constructing for four centuries, changing its image and forming a perfect architectural ensemble. Originally the Kremlin was a citadel which defended the population during the wars and troubles. Located on the top of a high hill, the medieval Kremlin was distinguished by its oriental style. The Kazan Kremlin was very impressive . A Russian chronicler describes how Ivan the Terrible was astonished at ‘the unusual beauty of the walls of the fortress’.

4 By the beginning of the 17th century there were 13 towers, today only 8 towers have preserved. But the Kremlin doesn’t live in the past. It’s entering a new period in its long life. The new Kul Sharif has been constructed, the Annunciation Cathedral is being restored. There are a lot of museums, picture galleries, mosques and churches, beautiful streets and squares in Kazan.

5 Kazan is the big cultural centre of the Volga region
Kazan is the big cultural centre of the Volga region. There are 7 professional theaters, a conservatory and the Grand Concert Hall here. Kamal Tatar Drama theatre is one of the biggest national theatres in Russia. M. Jalil Opera House performs national, Russian and foreign operas and ballets. Shalyapin’s world opera festivals and Nuryeev’s ballet dancers festivals are held annually.

6 Kasan is also educational centre
Kasan is also educational centre. It has 15 higher educational institutions with 66,000 students. Kazan University is one of the oldest and most prestigious in Russia. It was founded in 1804. The city is a large railroad, automobile road and air centre, the largest port on the Volga. Giant industrial enterprises produce planes, helicopters, computer systems, optics, consumer goods and what not.

7 Kazan of today is a city of 1540 streets, squares, lanes with total length of 987 kms, 20 parks and gardens. Everything changes, but the enchantment of Kazan remains.

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