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Affirmative Informal Commands

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1 Affirmative Informal Commands
Español 1 1

2 Trabajo de timbre After watching the following video about Spanish commands, write your own steps to form a Spanish commands out of a verb. uSa2QQ 2

3 Trabajo de timbre Translate. 1. I have an apple. I want to eat it.
2. Elena prefers a soft drink. We need it now (ahora)! 3

4 Tarea Cuaderno pg 70 4

5 Affirmative Informal Commands
To tell someone you address as tú to do something, use an affirmative informal commands or tú command Speak! ¡Habla! Eat! ¡Come! 5

6 To form them… To form tú commands out of ar, er and ir verbs:
1. put it in tú form 2. drop the “s” Hablar- hablas- habla speak Comer- comes- come eat Pedir- pides- pide ask for 6

7 Irregular Affirmative Informal Commands
There are some verbs with irregular commands You must simply memorize their forms Tener ten have Venir ven come Poner pon put Ir ve go Ser sé be Hacer haz do/make Salir sal leave/go out 7

8 Affirmative Commands and pronouns
If you need to use a direct object pronoun with an affirmative command, attach it to the end. ¡Tómalo! Drink it! ¡Prepárala! Prepare it! ¡Ponlos allí! Put them there! 8

9 Accent marks and pronouns
If the commands had one syllable, no accent mark is needed. Just attach pronoun. Haz- ¡Hazlo! Just do it! If there was more than one syllable, put an accent on the 2nd to last syllable before attaching the pronouns. Prepara- Prepáralo. Prepare it. 9

10 Actividad 1 Form affirmative tú commands of the following verbs.
1. mezclar 2. cortar 3. sacar 4. añadir 5. beber 10

11 Actividad 2 Make commands of the following verbs. 1. poner
2. calentar (ie) 3. hacer 4. ir 5. ser 11

12 Actividad 3 Make commands and with the indicated pronouns for each.
Modelo: lo: comer cómelo 1. lo: poner 2. los: preparar 3. la: mezclar 4. lo: hacer 5. las: añadir 12

13 Tarea Finish the activities on this handout. 13

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