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Social Media for Business IFSA March 2013. Considering Your Options.

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1 Social Media for Business IFSA March 2013

2 Considering Your Options

3 Why Bother? i.e. does social interaction lead to sales?

4 People Buy from People (they like) Build relationships Encourage personal staff accounts Offer solutions through interaction Provide support and advice Be an expert Get familiar Ask questions Listen, listen, listen

5 Comfortable enough to ask for advice Advice and solution offered Booking made!


7 The Highs and Lows of Being Social

8 Communication Personality Sharing Tell your stories Positive WOM UGC Benefits

9 Feedback

10 Feedback – not always good? Consistency Putting the right personality in charge Protecting your brand online Customer service – 24/7? Weekends off Challenges

11 Tweet in haste, repent when you are getting slammed online!

12 Bad PR Some of you may remember this after the Olympics – tweet sent from the Twitter account of a Dublin restaurant

13 Mind your Manners! Users are quick to be critical and accuse They feel safe and fairly anonymous Cyber bullying is an issue and greater education and understanding should be promoted by all It can be damaging to people and businesses in the short term – but keep it in perspective!

14 Online PR Opportunities

15 Tweet your Order

16 Brand Reputation Act quickly Get advice if necessary Advise staff on what is happening Issue a well thought out statement Respond in as many forums as possible New material replaces old so produce fresh content

17 What to Avoid

18 Spam Lack of response to messages Communicating too often with too many messages together Pushing products Posting cheesy images Information thats useless Brands saying that they know what you want..they dont. Censorship of negative feedback Poor engagement strategies Bad grammar Corporate speak Quick Survey What Users Dont Want

19 Homework! Do your research Make a plan (set targets and deadlines) Get other people involved Make it easy to stay on top of communication Know the etiquette (get some training!) Take it one step at a time!

20 Thank you!

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