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Starting off on Twitter CEOs perspective. About me.

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1 Starting off on Twitter CEOs perspective

2 About me

3 Why did I start? A debate was happening, and I was outside of it A new communication opportunity Curiosity Felt like it needed to be part of my leadership approach

4 How to start? Consult your comms team Make sure that you have something interesting to share Listen for a while first, then take the plunge! Learn about @s, RTs and hashtags Dont join in because everyone else is on Twitter Dont update your followers about your everyday life

5 Vision Push the concept of openness Be accessible, authentic, personal Create ability to land messages Help shift from faceless bureaucrat to visible leader Position the organisation within the wider debate

6 Is it me, or is it the organisation? Decide on a strategy and be consistent Personal tweets – make sure to specify whos views do you represent Link with @heartofengland

7 Why continue - opportunities Feeling of being involved and informed Sense of what others are thinking / feeling Endless learning curve – articles, papers, blogs Influence debates Fun!

8 Build up an audience Signposting Picking up ideas Blogs can expand on Twitter themes Developing a presence Tweeting and blogging go together!

9 Lack of control Press might be watching Individuals will be watching Once it is online- it stays there forever Dont add on to Twitter fails… There are risks too…

10 Twitter enables: Engagement Creating a values base Building reputation on-line (for yourself and the organization) …but it might just be worth it!

11 Future plans Increasing the audience Engaging staff? Open Day / Twitter events Start to shape agenda more / be controversial? How will social media itself develop?

12 Any questions?

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