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BELL RINGER # 1 (A) 2/16 & (B) 2/17

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1 BELL RINGER # 1 (A) 2/16 & (B) 2/17
Write a paragraph (4-5 sentences) on the following topic: If you fell in love with someone and your friends/family did not approve would you still continue your relationship with him/her? Why or why not? Explain. 1

2 Grammar #1 Use quotation marks to enclose the titles of shorter works.
Short stories--- “The Necklace” Essays--- “Civil Disobedience” Short poems--- “The Raven” Songs--- “Just a Dream” (Nelly) Articles--- “No Pesticide Resolution” Chapters of books-- “Painted Faces and Long Hair”(LOTF) Television episodes---”I Shot an Arrow” from Twilight Zone

3 Grammar #1 If needed, please use quotations marks to punctuate the titles correctly. The short story A Time of Beginnings was about the life of an artist. Jasmine will sing The Star-Spangled Banner at the basketball game tomorrow night. We will read To Kill a Mockingbird in English class.

4 Conflict Practice

5 Conflict Review
Watch the following clip from “Gnomeo and Juliet” List and describe the conflicts from the clip. Are they internal, external, man vs man, etc. Try to find at least THREE!

6 Summarizing scene iii Learning of his punishment to be banished from Verona, Romeo fears that he will never see Juliet again. He hides in the Friar’s cell until further plans are made. The Nurse visits Romeo and asks him to see Juliet before he lives for Mantua. Application: What is Romeo’s greatest motivation in this scene? How does this motivation create greater conflict and drive the plot of the play? Make an inference as to what will happen in scenes iv-v.

7 Reading Act III scenes iv-v

Capulets: Lord Capulet: Lady Capulet: Juliet: Montagues: Romeo: Others: Paris: Nurse: 8

9 Act III: Scene iv (p. 977) Parts: Lord Capulet, Lady Capulet, Paris
Why does Lord Capulet say Juliet needs time before marrying Paris? When does Lord Capulet agree to hold the marriage? Who will bring the wedding news to Juliet?

10 Act III: Scene Five (p. 979) Parts: Romeo, Juliet, Nurse, Lady Capulet, Lord Capulet What do Romeo and Juliet debate? Why does Juliet pretend to act upset? What news does Lady Capulet bring to Juliet and how does Juliet react? Why does Lord Capulet become angry? What will happen to Juliet if she does not marry Paris? What does Juliet ask for from her mother? What does Juliet plan to do after the Nurse won’t help her?

11 Unit skills Make sure you KNOW these . . .
Act I Paraphrasing Dramatic Elements Aside Monologue Soliloquy Act II – Figurative Language Simile Metaphor Personification Hyperbole Oxymoron Act III – Conflict External Person vs. person Person vs. society Person vs. fate/nature Internal Person vs. self

12 ACT III QUIZ Remove everything from your desk except for a pencil and paper No talking or you will receive a zero! 12

13 On-Demand Writing

14 On-demand writing assignment
Structure: This should be in the form of a five-paragraph essay (introduction, three body paragraphs, conclusion). Make sure to identify an internal and external conflict that your character is experiencing. Situation: Tybalt is angry at Romeo for showing up at the Capulet party. However, at Lord Capulet’s request, Tybalt agreed to let Romeo go… for now. In Act II, Tybalt sends Romeo a letter requesting a challenge that unfortunately leads to the death of Romeo’s best friend Mercutio. .

15 On-demand writing assignment
Writing Task: (choose one) Dear Romeo: You are Tybalt. Write a letter to Romeo requesting a duel. What are your internal and external conflicts? Use specific quotations from the text to support your points. OR Dear Juliet: You are Romeo. Write a letter to Juliet explaining that your best friend Mercutio has just been killed by her cousin, Tybalt. What do you plan to do about it? Explain that conflicts you are undergoing to Juliet and how you will plan your next step. Use specific quotations from the text to support your main points.

16 Rubric: Remember: Each paragraph should have 4-5 complete sentences. Introduction: To whom are writing your letter (audience)? What is the purpose of your letter? 10 points Body Paragraph 1: Background information that introduces the main conflicts. What has happened since you last talked? What do you need to tell your audience? 10 points Body Paragraph 2: Explain your internal conflicts. 10 points This is where you need to pull evidence from the text. Body Paragraph 3: Explain your external conflicts.10 points Conclusion: Wrap up your main points. What do you want to leave your audience (Romeo or Juliet) with? What are your plans for solving this conflict? 10 points

17 Planning/Brainstorming:
Who are you? Romeo or Tybalt? Introduction: Audience= Purpose= Hook= Body 1: Background Info: What has happened? What does your audience need to know about what has happened before this letter? Body 2: External Conflict(s) What external conflicts are you facing? Give evidence/specific examples from the text. Body 3: Internal Conflict(s) What internal conflicts are you facing? Conclusion: What are your plans for resolving your conflicts? What last words, thoughts, or information do you want to leave with your audience?

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