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Romeo and Juliet Act 1.

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1 Romeo and Juliet Act 1

2 Where does the play Romeo and Juliet take place?
Venice, Italy B. Padua, Italy Verona, Italy C. D. Rome, Italy

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5 What are the two families who maintain a blood feud against each other?
Capulet and Montague B. Montague and Lawrence C. Paris and Capulet D. Mantua and Montague

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7 correct

8 What does Capulet tell Paris to do about Juliet?
Forget about her and find someone else. A. B. Win her heart C. Run away with her Wait until she is thirty years old and come back for her D.

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11 Who says the following quote…..
“What drawn, and talk of peace! I hate the word as I hate hell, all Montagues, and thee.” A. Benvolio B. Tybalt Mercutio C. D. Friar Lawrence

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14 Who is Romeo in love with in the beginning of the play?
Juliet B. Rosaline Lady Capulet C. D. Paris

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17 How does Romeo know about the feast at the Capulet’s?
Capulet’s invited him A. Capulet’s servant asked him to read the list B. C. Rosaline asked him to go D. Tybalt invited him

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20 Where does Romeo first meet Juliet?
Streets of Verona A. B. Feast at the Capulet’s Friar Lawrence’s cell C. Nurse’s chambers D.

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23 Lady Capulet explains to Juliet all of the following, except
Juliet will meet Paris at the feast She was married when she was Juliet’s age B. Paris is like a book of love, but he just lacks a cover C. D. She should never get married

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25 correct

26 What happens when Romeo sees Juliet for the first time?
He ignores her B. He falls in love at first sight C. He hides from her He continues to look for Rosaline D.

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28 correct

29 Romeo and Juliet Act 2

30 What does Romeo compare Juliet to?
Morning Sun B. Lark Beautiful Rose C. D. The Moon

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33 What does Juliet think will happen if Romeo is found in her family’s orchard?
He will be invited in B. He will be killed C. He will eat all of the fruit He will be made into a servant D.

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36 What does Friar Lawrence use for healing purposes?
Narcotics B. Holy water C. Herbs and flowers D. Meditation

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39 Why does the Friar agree to marry Romeo and Juliet?
He know they love each other B. He has nothing better to do He thinks they look good together C. He thinks it will stop the family feuds D.

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41 correct

42 Why does Tybalt send Romeo a letter?
To invite him to a feast To congratulate him on his marriage to Juliet B. C. To challenge him to a fight To apologize for being mean to him D.

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44 correct

45 What does Juliet’s nurse agree to help her do?
Come up with a plan to get Friar to marry Juliet and Romeo A. Plan her wedding dress B. Tell her parents she loves Romeo C. Run away from Verona D.

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47 correct

48 Where do Romeo and Juliet secretly meet and for what purpose?
The Capulet’s house to tell her parents they love each other A. The streets of Verona to express their love B. Juliet’s balcony to watch the stars C. Friar Lawrence’s cell to be married D.

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50 correct

51 Romeo and Juliet Act 3

52 Who is walking around the streets at the beginning of Act 3 looking for trouble?
Romeo and Benvolio A. Benvolio and Mercutio B. Romeo and Juliet C. Escala and Benvolio D.

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54 correct

55 Who is Tybalt looking for to fight?
Benvolio A. Mercutio B. Romeo C. Escala D.

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57 correct

58 What is Romeo’s response when Tybalt calls him a villain?
He wants to fight Tybalt A. Romeo says he doesn’t know him well enough to call him that B. C. He runs the other way He tells Benvolio to fight Tybalt for him D.

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60 correct

61 Who decides to fight Tybalt and is stabbed?
Benvolio A. B. Romeo Mercutio C. Escala D.

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63 correct

64 Who stabs and kills Tybalt?
Benvolio A. B. Romeo Mercutio C. Escala D.

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66 correct

67 What does the Prince do to Romeo for killing Tybalt?
Sentences him to execution A. Tells him to live with Friar Lawrence B. C. Throws him in jail Exile him D.

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69 correct

70 Who becomes the intermediary between Romeo and Juliet?
Benvolio A. B. Nurse C. Lady Capulet D. Lady Montague

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72 correct

73 What does Lady Capulet tell Juliet will happen to cheer her up?
She will marry County Paris A. B. They will go and visit Romeo C. They are going on vacation D. She will inherit everything

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75 correct

76 What does Lord Capulet do when Juliet tells him she doesn’t want to marry Paris?
Tells her it is ok A. Tells her she will be kicked out of the family B. Finds someone else for her to marry C. D. Locks her in her room

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78 correct

79 Who does Juliet go to for help?
Nurse A. Romeo B. Her mother C. D. Friar Lawrence

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81 correct

82 Romeo and Juliet Act 4

83 What does County Paris plan to do on Thursday?
Confession with Friar Lawrence A. B. Marry Juliet C. Kill Romeo D. Move in with the Capulets

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85 correct

86 What is Friar’s plan to stop the wedding between Juliet and Paris?
Hide Juliet A. Tell her family she is already married B. Give Juliet a potion so she appears to be dead C. D. He has no plan

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88 correct

89 Where is Romeo when the Friar comes up with his plan?
Mantua A. B. Verona Friar Lawrence’s cell C. D. Montague’s house

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91 correct

92 After hearing the Friar’s plan, what does Juliet go back and tell her father?
That she is leaving the family A. B. That she will marry Paris She is staying in Friar Lawrence’s cell C. D. She is already married

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94 correct

95 What does the nurse find when she finds Juliet on the morning of her wedding day?
Juliet is gone A. B. Juliet is crying C. Juliet is dead D. Romeo is with her

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97 correct

98 Where do they take Juliet’s body?
The family tomb A. B. To Friar’s cell C. Cemetery D. They leave her in her room

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100 correct

101 What does Balthasar tell Romeo?
That he is wanted back in Verona A. B. That Juliet has died C. Friar wants to see him D. To stay in Mantua forever

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103 correct

104 What does Romeo ask the apothecary for?
Medicine to bring Juliet back to life A. B. Money C. Poison Flowers to take to Juliet’s grave D.

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106 correct

107 Romeo and Juliet Act 5

108 Why was John unable to get the letter to Romeo?
It was too far away A. B. He was robbed C. He lost it There was a black plague D.

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110 correct

111 What does the Friar go off to do to help Juliet when he know Romeo didn’t get the letter?
Get Juliet out of tomb A. B. Stays in his cell Tells her family that she is alive C. D. Kills himself

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113 correct

114 Where does Romeo confront Paris and what happens?
At the tomb, they get Juliet out A. B. At the tomb, Romeo kills Paris On the streets, Paris tries to kill Romeo C. At the Capulet’s, Romeo tells Paris they were married D.

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116 correct

117 Why does Romeo take poison?
So Paris doesn’t kill him A. B. Because he thinks Juliet is dead Because he got a good deal on it C. So the Friar won’t get in trouble D.

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119 correct

120 What does Friar find when he enters the tomb?
Paris and Romeo dead A. B. Paris and Romeo fighting Nothing C. Juliet is gone D.

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122 correct

123 When Juliet finds Romeo is dead, what does she do?
Cries A. B. Takes poison Kills herself with a dagger C. Kills Friar Lawrence D.

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125 correct

126 What does Friar Lawrence do when everyone enters and sees what has happened?
Cries A. B. Takes poison Tells the truth of the story C. Kills himself D.

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128 correct

129 Who does the Prince blame for all of the deaths?
Friar Lawrence A. B. Romeo C. Montagues and Capulets D. Himself

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131 correct

132 What do the Montagues and Capulets do to remember Romeo and Juliet?
Continue the feud A. B. Kill each other Make golden statues of Romeo and Juliet C. D. Move away from Verona

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134 correct

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