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How can Mercutio be described as a foil to Romeo?

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1 How can Mercutio be described as a foil to Romeo?

2 Romeo is naïve about love and takes it very seriously; whereas Mercutio jokes around about love and does not take it seriously.  —

3 What are the characteristics of a tragedy?

4 A tragedy ends unhappily, usually with the main character’s death caused by his or her own tragic flaw.

5 Describe the character of Tybalt.

6 Tybalt is hotheaded, always looking for a fight
Tybalt is hotheaded, always looking for a fight. Lord Capulet refers to him as a “saucy boy.”

7 In Act II, when Mercutio and Romeo meet up, Mercutio involves Romeo in a conversation about fashion. Why?

8 Mercutio wants to match wits with Romeo; they have not hung out in quite some time, and they always used to have fun joking around and having word wars.

9 What does Tybalt do about Romeo and his friends crashing the Capulet party?

10 He sends a letter to his house challenging him to a duel to settle the feud.

11 What is the purpose of the humor from Mercutio and the nurse?

12 The nurse and Mercutio provide comic relief to a very tragic play.

13 In Act III, why does Mercutio call Tybalt a Ratcatcher?

14 Mercutio wants Tybalt to fight him because he knows that Romeo is in no position to fight with Tybalt.

15 Why does Romeo not want to fight Tybalt at first?

16 He has just married Juliet, so technically, he and Tybalt are now cousins.

17 What are the consequences of Romeo’s killing Tybalt?

18 Romeo is banished from Verona, he and Juliet cannot now tell anyone about their marriage, Juliet’s father thinks her excessive crying is due to Tybalt’s death, so he promises her in marriage to Paris to cheer her up.

19 At first, when Juliet hears of Tybalt’s death, how does she respond?

20 She is angry with Romeo for killing her cousin.

21 What is the turning point in Romeo and Juliet?

22 The turning point is when Romeo kills Tybalt, because that is the action that sets all other consequences in motion.

23 How does Juliet’s character change as she encounters more conflicts?

24 She begins to rebel against the adults in her life and even at one point threatens suicide.

25 Why does Friar Lawrence think Juliet will be brave enough to take the potion, and what does he tell her to do as part of his plan?

26 He thinks she will be brave enough since she was willing to kill herself. He tells her to go home and apologize to her father, consent to marry Paris, take the potion and Romeo will come get her when she wakes up.

27 How are the Capulets and Montagues punished for their feud, and what do they plan to do about it at the end?

28 They are punished by the deaths of their only children
They are punished by the deaths of their only children. They make up and plan to build a memorial of gold to honor the couple.

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