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Act 1 Prologue This story takes place in Verona. Its about to lovers from feuding families who fall in love.

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3 Act 1 Prologue This story takes place in Verona. Its about to lovers from feuding families who fall in love.

4 ACT 1 SCENE 1 Servants of the Capulet pick a fight with the Montague's in Verona. Romeo is explaining how he is out of love to his cousin Benvolio.

5 ACT 1 SCENE 2 Count Paris wants to marry Juliet but Lord Capulet wants her to wait 2 years. Capulet servant invites Romeo to a party. Benevolio tells Romeo that he should go to the Capulet party and compare Rosaline to other girls but he thinks he won’t like anyone but Rosaline.

6 ACT 1 SCENE 3 Lady Capulet questions Juliet about marriage and informs her that Count Paris wants to marry her. Then Lady Capulet mentions that he’ll be at the feast and Juliet feels that she’ll have to do her duties!

7 ACT 1 SCENE 4 Romeo, Benvolio, and Mercutio go to the feast with masks on to hide their identity. Romeo is teased for still being lovesick. Mercutio gives his Queen Mab speech. They enter the feast while Capulet reminisce on the way they used to throw feast, Romeo instantly falls in love with Juliet. Afterwards they meet and they kiss but are interrupted by the nurse. Then they discover that they are from different families.

8 ACT 2 PROLOUGUE This explains how Romeo and Juliet are effected by their meet. Romeo announces he is out of love with Rosaline!

9 ACT 2 SCENE 1 Outside of Capulets’ orchard Romeo hides away from Mercutio and Benvolio and persuades Mertio to leave because he knows Romeo likes to be alone. Romeo wishes to see Juliet again. His friends are unaware of his meet with Juliet.

10 ACT 2 SCENE 2 While Romeo is in the shadows underneath Juliet’s bedroom window, she announces her love to Romeo then she calls his name and he appears to hear. The nurse interrupts again and they agree to marry and Juliet promises to send a messenger to him so that her can tell her the wedding arrangements. Then he goes and seeks advice from Friar Lawrence.

11 ACT 2 SCENE 3 Romeo goes and sees Friar Lawrence and tells him of his love for Juliet and he is shocked of his love transfer from Rosaline to Juliet and Romeo asks Friar Lawrence to marry them. He happily agrees hoping it will end the feuds between the families.

12 ACT 2 SCENE 4 –Benevolio tells Romeo that Mercuito that Tybalt wants to challenge Romeo to a sword fight. –Romeo and Mercutio were arguing over where Romeo was the night after the feast. –The nurse and Peter comes looking for Romeo and Romeo tells the nurse to tell Juliet to meet him that afternoon at Friar Lawrence's cell to be married.

13 ACT 2 SCENE 5 When the nurse comes back to the house She tries to play with Juliet, avoiding saying the message. Then the Nurse tells her what Romeo said to to Friar Lawrence cell quick. She tells her to also get a ladder so he can climb later.

14 ACT 2 SCENE 6 Romeo and Juliet get married. Friar Lawrence tells Romeo to don’t rush things because things can end badly.


16 Act 3 Scene 1 Tybalt challenges Romeo to a fight but Romeo doesn’t want to fight him because they are now family. Then Tybalt stabs Mercutio under Tybalts arm and kills Mercutio. Romeo is banished from Verona.


18 Act 3 SCENE 2 The nurse arrives and tells Juliet that Tybalt is dead. She also tells her that Romeo is banished. She sends the Nurse to give Romeo a ring to tell him to come so they could say their goodbyes!

19 ACT 3 SCENE 3 Romeo is informed by The Frair that Romeo is banished rather than sentenced to death. Romeo is heartbroken about it because he belives that a life without Juliet is hell. Then Romeo tries to kill his self but the nurse stops him. Then Frair tells Romeo to go to Mantua and he would find a way to announce the marriage so he could return safely!

20 Act 3 Scene 4 Lord Capulet gives Juliets’ hand in marriage to Paris. He arranges for Juliet and Paris to be married on Thursday.

21 Act 3 Scene 5 At Capulets’ house Romeo stays the night with Juliet. Romeo leaves Verona. Lady Capulet informs Juliet that she is to be married to Paris and Juliet is devestated!

22 Act 4 Scene 1 In Frair Lawrences’ cell Juliet and Paris speak and Paris speaks as if Juliet loves him. Juliet tries to kill herself. Frair comes up with a plan to prevent Juliet from marrying Paris. The Frair gives Juliet some kind of potion that would make her seem as she is dead.

23 Act 4 Scene 2 In Capulets’ house the servingman and Capulet are talking and the servingman tells Capulet how he hires good cooks.{IF THEY CAN LICK THEIR OWN FINGERS} Juliet is playing everything off as if shes not sad anymore.

24 Act 4 Scene 3 This is where Juliet takes the potion in her room.

25 Act 4 Scene 4 In Capulets’ house they ae about to feast and Lady Capulet sends for Juliet.

26 Act 4 Scene 5 The Nurse thinks Juliet is dead so she calls everyone to let them know Meanwhile Lady Capulet weeps. Paris sees her there and is mournful! Then the musicians are called and requested by Peter to play “Hearts Ease”. Peter and the musicians argue.

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