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By: Gerard Manley Hopkins

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1 By: Gerard Manley Hopkins
Pied Beauty By: Gerard Manley Hopkins

2 Gerard Manley Hopkins….
was born on July 28, 1844 in Essex, England. was the first of nine children. was regarded as one of the Victorian Era’s greatest poets. decided to become a priest in 1867 and was ordained in 1877.

3 Pied Beauty is a….. Curtal sonnet
Musical repetition which gives it a sort of sound. Poem that weaves together because it gives a coherent whole.

4 Text Features of The Poem
The language of the poem contributes to the meaning by giving a specific way of letting us know what and to whom is talking and what about, and the flowing of the words Alliteration ! The poem has phrases, it rhymes, the entire poem is of two complete sentences, the writer wants you to articulate every single word, it is grammatical. The patters of both rhyme and rhythm in this poem contributes to the meaning of the poem because of the articulation Text Features of The Poem How does the language of the poem contribute to its meaning? How is the poem organized? Do patterns of rhyme and rhythm contribute to the meaning and effect of the poem?

5 Poetic Devices The dramatic context of the poem is that people were to give thanks to God for creating the world and all things. The speaker’s tone is of concern and care and what motivates him is his appreciation of all of God’s creations. The message of the poem is telling us to admire everything and all the little things that he has put on earth because its the manifestation of God!

6 Poem Summary The speaker is Gerard Manley Hopkins.
The speaker is talking to everyone and everything. In the poem the speaker expresses how he feels about God and how important God should be to everyone because he is worthy.

7 Response to the poem Our initial response was that the poem is very powerful and by reading it we think that the author was trying to send out a message to all people that God should be worshipped because without him we wouldn’t have everything on earth that we do have, including the little things and that we wouldn’t be nothing without his wonderful power.

8 Genesis Praise God for all things Man made and hand made,
From green grass to blue skies From lemon trees to butterflies, Pens to pencils papers to books Unique styles specific looks, Behold his creations on the face of the earth Acknowledge him for all he’s worth! Genesis

9 Improvement Our new poem improves the message of the original poem because we made it easier for people of all ages to receive the message that Hopkins was interpreting.

10 Fin

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