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The 2007 Brownlow Wrap.

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1 The 2007 Brownlow Wrap

2 With special comments from

3 Warney!

4 …and the Wizard!!

5 Firstly, the do’s and don’ts…

6 Don’t - a lesson learnt from 2006
Warney says- That bloke reminds me of someone…


8 Do Warney says… Thanks for the introduction Browny.

9 Do Wizard says… One Brisbane great to another, I taught the man everything he knows.

10 Gee Andrew, you get the feeling next vote here is so important here.
Gee Bruce, you really ran AFL coverage into the ground this year didn’t you? But it was a clever deal Andrew, you got $780 million from it. You’re right Bruce, great coverage, great coverage.

11 Cameron Ling and partner
Wizard says - Congratulations Lingy. You might not become a porno superstar like me, or do 1000 women like Warney, but it’s important you finally had sex for the first time.

12 Cameron Ling and partner
Warney says - Time to move on, you’re a famous man Lingy, take advantage. If you weren’t playing AFL, you would have never gotten laid at all, don’t waste this gift.

13 Gary Ablett Jr and Partner
Wizard says - Glad to see Gary’s bird helps him out with the comb over, bloody Joanne never did that for me.

14 Gary Ablett Jr and Partner
Warney says - Advanced hair, or just do the Ricky Ponting and get a rug mate. By the way, how about a threesome? Sorry Gary not with you, does she have another friend?

15 Antoni Grover and Partner
Wizard says - I like this girl. Classic Looks. Classy dress. I always like it when people named after Sesame St characters do well in life.

16 Chad Cornes and Mum Warney says -
Can I get her number? Not for me, but I reckon Mark Waugh or Mark Webber would be keen.

17 Steven Salopek/Warren Tredrea and partners
Wizard says - What’s going on in Adelaide? Where’s the fake tan? This is a disgrace. Wizard’s #1 rule for the Brownlow Black tie, orange partner.

18 Simon Black and Partner
Wizard says - Even worse, she’s 40 minutes from the Gold Coast and no fake tan, not even a hint of blonde in the hair. Time to get her in the car and down the GC highway Blacky, I’ve gotta teach her what being a woman is all about.

19 Kevin Bartlett and daughter
Wizard says - A bit young for me KB, but I reckon Indiana Capper would be keen.

20 Kevin Bartlett and daughter
Warney says - I’m there!

21 Gerard Healy and daughter
Wizard says - Again, the Wizard rules himself out, but I think I need to introduce Indiana to the fold. Imagine, the daughter of a Brownlow medallist and the son of a 100 goal full forward, penthouse star, porn star, big brother star, meter maid, mayoral candidate, stripper…

22 Gerard Healy and daughter
Warney says - I’m there!

23 Lance Whitnall and wife
Wizard says - Looks like a scene from my latest film - ‘Yobbos Up the Guts.’ Out, straight to video, in 6 weeks.

24 Rebecca Twigley Ricky says -
Hey Rebecca, you gonna give Juddy’s credit card a work out in Melbourne? Snigger snigger haw haw haw Already did, like my new boobs?

25 Alice Oksuz Ricky says -
Hey Alyce, did you give Graham’s credit card a work out? Snigger snigger haw haw haw Who’s this little rat boy with the squeaky voice?

26 Kate O’Conner Ricky says -
Hey Kate, did you give Nathan’s credit card a work out? Snigger snigger haw haw haw Back off captain charisma.

27 Christie Malthouse Ricky says -
Hey Christie, any tips on how to be a good boundary rider? Piss off loser!

28 Ricky says - No Ricky, just piss off!
Aww, but I’m a player manager and a physiotherapist and premiership player and Bruce said I really know my stuff! No Ricky, just piss off!

29 And take him with you…

30 And him…


32 Sorry, I needed to vent.

33 Jason Gram and partner Wizard says -
Someone said Jason Gram leads the league in bounces, I can see why. And apparently she’s a chiropractor.

34 Jason Gram and partner Warney says -
I need some work on my bowling arm, do chiropractors do happy endings?

35 Jason Akermanis and wife
Wizard says - Proud of this bloke, a junior wizard in training. I have to question his new choice of club though. A bloke with a mix of white, black, and red hair on his body should be playing for St.Kilda.

36 Dave Lawson and Steve Curry
Wizard says - They call themselves comedians, but they’ve never had a Warwick Capper Toyota Memorable Moment commercial. Lift your game boys.

37 Michael Clarke and busty saffa
Warney says - Not at the Brownlow, but I need to pay my respects to Pup for so quickly taking over from me. 956 to go mate…

38 All’s fair in love and war, eh Lara?

39 Jess Sinclair and partner
Wizard says - Good to see a Kangaroo who is positive about a move to the Gold Coast, lined up the right girlfriend for starters. A few hair styling tips, longer and blonder, Jess.

40 Jess Sinclair and partner
Warney says - Reminds me of # 673

41 What a difference a year makes
Wizard says - 2006 2007 Reminds me of when Joanne left, the first time. Don’t worry Goodesy, when a woman knows she’s on a superstar, she’ll come crawling back. If they don’t, just do a porno and make ‘em jealous.

42 Did someone say Quarterbrain?

43 Campbell Brown and Partner
Wizard says - Looks like the overprotective type. No comment, I don’t need another broken nose.

44 Campbell Brown and Partner
Warney says - What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Memo to self: No errant text messages.

45 David Rodan enjoying brownlow night
And this fat, balding hack has to eat his words. Shouldn’t really be a problem eating anything though eh Robbo? You ticked off 150kg’s yet?

46 Nathan & Tanya Buckley Wizard says -
I know that look, trouble on the homefront.

47 Nathan & Tanya Buckley Warney says -
When there’s a bit of drama at home, I always advocate partner swapping…

48 I couldn’t agree more Warney.
Carla, are you and Tanya comfortable with the guest room tonight?

49 And apparently someone won a Brownlow, congratulations Jimmy
Wizard says - Unfortunately, still not a 100 goal full forward like me, and that’s what all the kids aspire to…


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