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The 2012 Brownlow PowerPoint Wrap

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1 The 2012 Brownlow PowerPoint Wrap
Back and unimproved The 2012 Brownlow PowerPoint Wrap

2 To be hosted by Aker and Hamish…

3 Until they found something better to do…

4 Firstly, the favourites with the bookies

5 And then there’s always the late plunge

6 Now I’ve established this as a classy endeavor, let’s get on with it…

7 Cotchin’s lady on the mend after Hamish McLachlan backed over her

8 In the pairing from porn name heaven…
Steele Sidebottom and Lauren Longstaff

9 Chappy has a trim for the night

10 Five minutes later, a new woman and the beard’s grown back
Yep, more quality from The Age

11 Chesty Bonds 1pk. $16.95 at K-Mart

12 Scotland and Shetland

13 I intended to pass comment on this dress, until I saw a 1000 yard stare Martin Bryant would be proud of…

14 Form a queue, bitches…

15 “I promise, if I poll well tonight you won’t have to wear my BBQ apron next year.”

16 Stiffler’s Mom makes quick recovery from attempted suicide…
and straight back into the limelight and the healthy sport of bitching about people…

17 My wife's got a face like a saint - a Saint Bernard.

18 Impregnated by Aaron Sandilands…
Definite caesarian coming up

19 Look what you’ve done, Will Minson!
Lucy Cornes used to be hot…

20 Now I await threats from The Chad…

21 Look mummy, I got a banana!


23 1920’s glamour paired with 1960’s TV

24 Clue #456 a Gold Coast bogan is evolving:
Doesn’t take stripper to awards dinner.

25 At the Persian Carpet Liquidators everything has to go this weekend!!

26 Pendles’ missus finds a use for his old 10 speed handlebar grip

27 Seriously, just fuck off.

28 Kennedy and Colombian smoker…
just don’t piss off the in-laws, mate.

29 Woewodin sneaks in for his yearly free plate.

30 Fingers crossed the kid looks like her…

31 You get the impression if Chris Mayne didn’t play AFL he’d be a lonely virgin, living at home, making snarky power point shows…

32 Sniff, sniff… I smell mothballs

33 Front runners don’t get to motorboat
Karma Front runners don’t get to motorboat

34 Memo to Hird: Shell out for a stylist
Memo to Hird: Shell out for a stylist. It’s clear from this dress that Bomber can’t do everything.

35 Guaranteed not to have a cavernous vagina

36 Someone’s up with all the gossip outside the school gates.

37 Being generous the AFL gave Melbourne a table.
LOL Being generous the AFL gave Melbourne a table. Still couldn’t outpoll Jobe Watson.

38 And the votes, as given by known fashionista, Robbo…

39 1 vote: Murphy with a new one on the arm.
I like the red, reminds me of some of my favourite tomato sauce stains

40 2 votes: Sheeds and wife For me this is sentimental because I’ve never been known to ‘say no’ to an old boiler.

41 3 votes: Sloane The type of girl who’d make me stop waving my hands all over the place and slide them under the 360 desk while Gerard sets the agenda. That would be an interesting case study, Robbo.

42 Here’s your Brownlow, Jobe…
Now let’s talk about everyone who’s died recently.

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