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2008 Brownlow Wrap. Lets get off to a flyer… Underwear, or pubes are really making a comeback?

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1 2008 Brownlow Wrap

2 Lets get off to a flyer… Underwear, or pubes are really making a comeback?

3 Bat and Ball

4 Is it just me, or…


6 You know youre in trouble when even the fat bloke at the back cant believe you brought her.

7 Usually Id suggest a breast uplift, but when fashion is important, Im all for matching slings.

8 You havent seen the worst of it….

9 When getting in a punch up at a day care centre just isnt bogan enough. Ugh.

10 Oh Christ, here comes Aker. Ok, just smile politely and nod your head. Hell be gone soon enough.

11 Lipstick, earrings, dress, hair, oh and dont forget to suck on a lemon.

12 Roo, alone, as Steph pursues her acting *cough* waitressing career in LA.

13 Drink on the table, blow in the toilets, orgies in the hotel suites. Brilliant time for a recovering drug addict to make an appearance. Dont let go of his hand, Mum.

14 Hutchy Last seen installing spy cameras in said toilets.

15 The builders of the particle accelerator, taking a night away from work.

16 ….David Wirrpandas date, but Wirrpanda seems to have gone walkabout. I know I shouldnt…

17 Surgery is in the air, everywhere I look around….

18 …then….and now

19 Still, nothing wrong a nose that can double as a glass cutter….

20 …nor boobs you could park a truck between.

21 I call this the Wayne Carey factor. Kangaroo players too scared to score a hot chick in case the captain tries to bang em.

22 Im betting theres more than one Brazilian in this picture.

23 Terry Wallace called, he wants his skin back

24 No Alan Didak last night… though he may have had a prior engagement….

25 …a good mate was being sentenced… to life.

26 If you didnt already know, Carlton is back in the money.

27 Crawf and Wellsy, snuck one past the keeper.

28 And both hoping their ladies are back to form as quick as Lucy Kornes. Two months after the drop!

29 Another reason to hate AFL suits. The partner of some douche bag at AFL House.

30 Either Brad Green has a head like a pumpkin, or his wife has a head like a tennis ball.

31 Hey Campbell, you do know she used to be married to Warney!

32 As my old coach used to say – dont turn your fucking back to the play!

33 You better ask for a bigger contract, its the last time Im tie-dying our bed sheets to make a dress!

34 No need to look embarrassed, Dane, Im impressed. So two options here: 1. Hes gay. 2. Hes just seen Brent Harveys missus.

35 A sneer to light up a room.

36 No need to rub it in Gary, we do know shes hot. You on the other hand, have a head like Kochie.

37 One man that got the hint, and another who has gone a few seasons too many.

38 Mischa Barton never misses a red carpet.

39 Corey Enright, ensuring a long career in Geelong. Fun times with the Presidents daughter.

40 The Votes

41 Some classy action from Medders. 1 Vote

42 2 Votes Bryce Gibbs, finally off Mummys apron strings.

43 Andrew Welsh- Clearly does his shopping at a German stud farm. A definite thoroughbred. 3 Votes

44 Now just remember what happened to Libba, you leave me and I sell that Brownlow on you.

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