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1 presents The 2005 Charles Brownlow Medal For Best and Fairest player in the AFL

2 and…

3 The Jo Bailey Medal For Best and Fairest Brownlow companion

4 C. Judd (West Coast Eagles) 2004 Charles Brownlow Medallist R. Twigley (West Coast Eagles) 2004 Jo Bailey Medallist

5 Mirror Mirror on the wall.. Whos the Best and Fairest of them all…?

6 Brodie Holland: someones pinched my Nanas curtains Nick Dal Santo: Well out of his depth with this one

7 Mrs Buckley: Dress by Playboy Mansion; Hair by LA porn studio Akker: that bow ties fooling no one – money cant buy class (though it looks like it can buy implants – compare with 2003) 2003

8 Eddie McGuire: What a difference 3 weeks makes

9 Jo Silvagni: The Michael Tuck of Brownlows – a proven performer, even after 16 seasons

10 Luke Hodge: Wore his standard issue Hawthorn footy boots – wont be getting any dirt on this pair either Tuck and partner: Take a bow No, no, really!

11 Matthew Lloyd: Took time out from his rocket science seminar Nice of Richo to take his sister

12 Robbo: A true lair on and off the field Matt Maguire: Not bad for Barrys whipping boy

13 Richie Vandenberg; That dress is like Hawthorns game plan – all over the shop Steven King: They breed em keen down in Geelong

14 Cameron Bruce: Nice of him to take his Mum Robert Harvey: Bet hed swap his 2 Brownlows for a real coach any day

15 Christie Malthouse: More than a few blokes would like to boundary ride her Mrs Hird: Hard to fault this year

16 Scott West; You can take the boy out of Footscray, but you cant take Footscray out of the boy Lindsay Gilbee; Both over-rated

17 Jonathan Brown: Apparently shes from Warnambool too. Which makes her all the more impressive. Kane Cornes: Did he find her at the Alberton greyhound stop on the way over?

18 Jason Johnson: Unspectacular on the field; off-field is another matter Daniel Cross: Lucky its school holidays so she could stay out late (dress by Kermit the Frog)

19 Spider: Kindly took his parole officer Giansiracusa: Shes easily the best thing to come out of the Whitten Oval since E.J.

20 Trent Croad; Outstanding chassis; shame about the duco

21 Pavlich: Hell be hoping all his other limbs are still in working order Fanta Pants Ling: Just goes to show that any bloke can pick up in Geelong

22 Andrew McLeod: Straight off the set of Bold and the Beautiful Chad Fletcher: Nice drumsticks

23 Mark Coughlan: Can I see your IDs please? Shane Woewoedin: Yep, still a has-been Heath Black: Someone call Sweden - ABBA want their dress back

24 Andrew Embley: Finger painting, anyone? Daniel Kerr: An honourable runner- up in both medals

25 Wellsy: Rising star qualities in every respect. 9.5 out of 10 Demetriou: The Fat Controller

26 Ben Cousins: Mr Consistency Nick Riewoldt: Like the rest of his season, we expected more from him

27 Luke Ball: are they shoes or did a couple of seagulls crap on his feet? Essendon, M Johnson: 3 Votes!

28 Adam Simpson: Like his team, an under-achiever this September Ben Rutten: is she a time traveller from a Cyndi Lauper video clip, circa 1984?

29 and the winner is…

30 Back-to-back Baileys for the girl from the West. A Brownlow great – shes a modern day Bob Skilton

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