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MRS. ASHLEY MEDICAL ASSISTANT Microbes and Human Health.

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1 MRS. ASHLEY MEDICAL ASSISTANT Microbes and Human Health

2 Types of Disease Causing Organisms Bacteria Virus Protozoa Worm Fungus Prions

3 Microbes Are very small, usually need microscope to see. Only a small number cause disease, most are helpful Microbes Maintain a healthy digestive system- Example: Normal Flora Breakdown dead plant and animal matter Produce foods and medicines

4 Normal Flora Varies in different body sites May Protect the host by competing with pathogens They may cause disease if Immunocompromised host After being introduced to different body sites May overgrow in favorable conditions

5 Mode of Transmission of Pathogens Airborne Transmission (influenza, tuberculosis) Food and Waterborne Transmission (botulism, typhoid fever, hepatitis A Vector Transmission (Lyme Disease, Malaria) Sexually Transmitted (Syphilis, Gonorrhea, AIDS) Direct Skin Contact (Leprosy)

6 3 Forms of Bacteria Cocci- Spherical Bacilli- rod shaped Spirilli- spiral shaped Cocci can be diplococci (in pairs), streptococci (in chains) or staphlococci (in clusters) Bacilli may be single or in chains (streptobacilli) or may lay side by side in pairs


8 DescriptionStap hylococcus aureus VISA 2.jpg g/ml. Date2001 Source AuthorContent Providers(s): CDC/ Matthew J. Arduino, DRPH Photo Credit: Janice Haney Carr Permission (Reusing this file)Reusing this file f this image. Public domainPublic domainfalsefalse


10 Viruses Are true parasites, require host to replicate Are either DNA or RNA but not both

11 Fungus Of 50,000 known species, only about 300 are known to be human pathogens Cause diseases from skin infections (athletes foot) to serious, systemic infections (yeast infection)

12 Protozoans One celled organisms that may cause disease Often spread by water or vectors, or ingestion of some part of life stage Examples: malaria shown at right

13 Prions Protein that is not considered alive except when in the presence of nerve tissue Causes Bovine spongiform encephalopathy disease in cows Causes Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease in humans

14 Examples of Diseases VirusesPrions HIV virus Mad Cow Disease Disease Flu virus Polio virus ProtozoansBacteria Amebic dysenteryLyme Disease MalariaStrep Throat FungiHelminths Athletes footTapeworms RingwormRound worms Yeast infections

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