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Understanding Communicable Diseases

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1 Understanding Communicable Diseases

2 Causes of Communicable Diseases

3 Germs and Diseases Germ and Diseases
Communicable Diseases – Disease that can be passed from one person to another - communicable disease caused by microorgansims that can only be seen through an microscope Non Communicable Diseases – Like asthma that cannot be passed from one person to another

4 Types of Germs Viruses – The smallest and simplest life form. They cause a wide range of diseases. Most diseases caused by virus or bacteria Colds, chicken pox, AIDS, viral pneumonia, flu, measles, smallpox, mumps, herpes, rabies, polio, mononucleosis

5 Types of Germs Bacteria – Tiny one celled oraganisms that live nearly everywhere Most harmless, but some cause disease Virus and bacteria most common cause of disease Strep throat, tuberculosis, pinkeye, food poisoning, typhoid fever, gonorrhea, diptheria, lyme disease, bacterial pnuemonia

6 Types of Germs Fungi – Primitive life forms that cannot make their own food Athletes foot Ring worm

7 Types of Germs Protozoa – One celled, animal-like organisms
Many are harmless Cause diseases as malaria and amebic dystentery

8 How Germs are spread Direct contact – you get germs on your hands and skin through direct contact with another person Sometimes by sexual contact

9 How Germs are spread Indirect contact – someone coughs or sneezes, expelling germs into the air Other people breath these germs Colds, flu, tuberculosis spread this way Drinking glasses, eating utensils, other personal items

10 How Germs are spread Contact with animals or insects –
Rabid animals spreads rabies Lyme disease is transmitted through tick bites

11 How Germs are spread Other Contacts – Contaminated food or water
This type of food poison is called Salmonella

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