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1 Viruses

2 Microbiology Microbiology is the study of microorganisms… AKA microbes
Studies microbes such as: Virus Bacteria Fungi Parasites Microbes are living organisms that cannot be seen without a microscope. Pathogens are microbes that cause disease.

3 Virus HIV Virus A virus is a pathogen that consists of microscopic core of genetic material surrounded by a protein coating

4 Facts About Viruses They DO NOT eat or grow
They DO NOT do any chemical process They DO NOT respond to light or stimuli Antibiotics DO NOT work on Virus; there is no drug to cure any virus

5 More Facts about Viruses
They are smaller than bacteria, plant and animal cells They come in thousands of shapes They replicate using the lytic and lysogenic cycle They are able to infect organisms through carriers, air, touch and vectors Vaccines can prevent some virus from infecting

6 Even more Facts about Viruses
Viruses invade a host and replicate and kill the host’s cells A carrier is an infected person-can show the signs of the disease or not for example HIV infected person A vector is an organism (except for humans) that can spread a disease for example: Tick-Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme's Disease Mosquito- West Nile Virus and Malaria Flea-Black Plague

7 Common Viruses Chicken Pox~ Direct contact, airborne, there is a vaccine Aids~ Sexual contact, blood transfusions, there is NO a vaccine Influenza (flu)~ Direct contact, airborne, there is some vaccines, but there are many different strains Measles~ Direct contact, airborne, vaccines exists

8 Common Viruses Smallpox~ Direct contact, airborne, people under 40 have not had been vaccinated Herpes~ Direct contact, no vaccines Bacteriophage~ Direct contact, no vaccines West Nile Virus~ 1st time through vector then direct contact, airborne, no vaccine (birds)

9 Common Viruses Polio~ Direct contact, vaccines Hepatitis~ Direct contact, vaccines Swine Flu~ Direct contact, airborne, vaccines

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