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2 This Syllabus Is Subject to Change.
All changes will be announced during class.

3 Instructor: Cheryl Cantwell
Office: S204A Phone: E mail: Include course number in subject line Office hours: Monday & Wednesday: 7:45-8:00 9:15-9:30 10:45-11:00 1:20-2:15 Tuesday & Thursday: 7:45-8:00 9:15-11: :40-2:00

4 Text: College Algebra Essentials, 3rd ed., Robert Blitzer
Get your textbook as soon as possible You may use either the eBook through MyMathLab or a hard copy of the textbook Solutions manual is your option MyMathLab is mandatory for homework See your syllabus for course ID Start a notebook Half for notes Half for homework Keep it neat and organized

5 Graphing Calculators Get a graphing calculator immediately
TI84 Smartview is used in class Other models can be acceptable for use TI-Nspire may not be used during a test Some tests may have a no calculator part Bring your calculator to class everyday Practice using your calculator In-class exercises Homework Do not wait until the day of a test

6 Grading Scale 90-100 A 80-89 B 70-79 C 60-69 D Below 60 F

7 Method of Grading 4 tests Cumulative final exam Homework Quizzes
Extra credit There is no rounding on the overall course average so take advantage of every point opportunity that arises.

8 Homework All homework is done through MyMathLab.
Each homework grade is determined the day of the test. I average the homework section grades and then take this percentage of 15 points. Show the work you did to get your answers in an organized homework notebook.

9 Quiz Check-up 5 Quizzes Lowest score dropped May not make up if absent, late, or leave early Some are announced, others are not Some may be given on MyMathLab

10 Extra Credit Go to our class webpage and click on the Extra Credit link All extra credit is turned in and graded on test day There are always Challenge Problems posted on MyMathLab that count towards your extra credit Sometimes there are links to extra credit problems that you will print off and turn in, again on test day Take advantage of all opportunities Possible to improve class grade by a letter

11 Attendance Taken daily Deadline for grade of W is Oct. 29, 2012
No instructor may give a grade of W after Oct. 29, 2012 No W can be given for 3rd attempt You may be withdrawn before the above date if you miss 4 consecutive classes without contacting instructor or a total of 6 classes You may be given a grade of F after the above date if you miss 4 consecutive classes without contacting instructor or a total of 6 classes

12 Test Taking Policies NO make-up tests unless:
Medical emergency with documentation Jury Duty, Court-Mandated Appearance, Religious Holiday, Military Duty, Work-Related Travel Make arrangements ahead of time Final exam score counts twice and replaces first missed test score 2nd missed test gets a score of 0

13 Prerequisites Grade of C or better in Intermediate Algebra, or
Acceptable placement test score It is your responsibility to make sure these prerequisites have been met If they have not been met, please see me after class It is important to get into the correct class as early as possible

14 Academic Integrity Honesty is expected
Cheating on tests will result in Grade of 0 on that test Possible 0 for the course Quizzes are just like tests Students may work together on out of class extra credit problems

15 COMMON COURTESIES Put your cell phone away when you enter class
If phone usage is seen or heard during class there may be an immediate pop quiz for the entire class If there is a possibility of an emergency call you must alert me before class begins Arrive late or leave early-sit by door Close door quietly No side conversations-distracts others

16 Schedule It will be adhered to as close as possible
All changes to test dates will be announced in class Know when your tests are scheduled-be prepared! Must move at a very fast pace to complete all material No lecture on prerequisite material

17 Resources Instructor’s office hours
My website at Free tutoring in the Academic Success Center Student Study Guide Videotapes:on MyMathLab or check-out of library MyMathLab Study groups

18 Study Groups 2 or more students in a group
10 or more hours over the semester Replace lowest test score with final exam score Flexible Communicate with each other Time sheets turned in every 5 weeks 1st and last names Class title Totals All timesheets submitted by the day of the 4th test

19 Class Webpage Visit our class webpage at Click on the button for MAC 1105 College Algebra Click on each link and explore the site Pay special attention to the Extra Credit link, the Test Preparation link, and the Grade Calculator link

20 Opening page of Cantwell’s Website
You will find a button for printing your own graph paper You will find a button for printing your own study group timesheet You will find a button for Helpsheets on topics from Intermediate Algebra that we revisit in College Algebra

21 Calculator Help Go to our class webpage and click the link for Additional Resources You will see a link for an excellent calculator help site

22 What is expected on test days
Before the test, put your extra credit papers on the front table in the classroom For test 1 all extra credit is on MyMathLab You may keep out 1 or 2 pieces of scratch paper for the test Put your name on the scratch paper and turn it all in with your test Number the problems on your scratch paper and keep it neat All books, notes, phones, backpacks, etc must be under the table during the test You must show all supporting work for answers on the test in order to get credit Once you complete the test, turn it in and you are free to leave

23 How to Succeed in This Class
Do not miss class Take good, thorough notes Use your notes to help you when you do the homework Do the homework in a timely manner Remember the homework and quiz grades combined have the same weight as a test. This can really impact your grade! If you are struggling, get help! Do not wait and let it get beyond you. Work with others in a study group, use each others’ strengths.

24 How to Prepare for the Tests
Do homework on a daily basis and keep up A few days before the test take the Test Preparation Quiz on MyMathLab Take the quiz without books, notes, or help. This will give you an honest assessment as to how prepared you are. You are allowed to take it twice Once the quiz is completed MyMathLab will prepare for you a personalized homework assignment It will only contain problems that you are still missing so you can practice some more You may work on these problems an unlimited number of times Look at the Test Preparation Guide on our class webpage to see information concerning the test

25 Good luck! I want nothing more than for each of you to succeed in this course. To me, success means you leave with an understanding of the material, you have developed some critical thinking skills, you have improved your study and organizational habits, you have a better eye for detail, and you care about the quality of the work you produce!


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