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Sport and Keeping Fit.

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1 Sport and Keeping Fit

2 Alphabet Sports Can you think of a sport that starts with each letter?
G___________ H___________ M___________ J___________ R___________ S___________ T___________ W___________ Y___________ Judo Boxing, bowling Racing, running Cricket, climbing Soccer, swimming Football, fencing Golf, gymnastics Tennis, table tennis Hockey, horseracing wrestling motor sports Yachting

3 Sports Can you answer these sports questions?
1. Write down as any sports as you can that use a ball. Football, tennis, basketball, table tennis… 2. What sports can you think of that are dangerous? Climbing, motor racing, boxing (?) , wrestling, bungee jumping… 3. What sports use these: A shuttlecock A racket Shin pads A net Badminton Tennis, badminton Football (on legs) Tennis, football (the goal) badminton

4 Pre-Listening What’s your favourite sport? What do you like about it?
What do you do to keep fit and healthy? Listen to the man telling you how he keeps fit. What does he do?

5 Listen again and answer the questions
1. When and why did he start jogging? About a month ago, because he was a bit fat. 2. What does he say about the first time he went running? It was difficult. He was out of breath and hot. It hurt. 3. Why does he like running? He likes the feeling of running free, it reminds him of being a boy. 4. Why doesn’t he like running when there are people around? He doesn’t like them looking at him, he feels he can’t stop to rest. 5. What problem does he have with running? He eats a lot when he gets home/ has a big appetite/ he is getting fatter.

6 Talk about these health and sport questions with a partner.
What do you do to keep fit and healthy? What sports do you love and which ones do you hate? What sports do people like in your country? Do you think some sports are too dangerous and should be made illegal? 5. Do you think sports people are paid too much money? 6. ‘Sports are a complete waste of time.’ What do you think about this statement? 7. What do you like the most, World Cup football or The Olympics? 8. Tell me what sports are/were you best at and worst at?

7 Writing – A sporting article
Tell us about the last sporting event you attended. This could be a football match, a race, a school sports day, a swimming event – anything. What was it like? What happened? Please write an article about the event. Arrange your writing in paragraphs with an introduction, body and conclusion. Make sure the article is interesting to read. Please write 150 words.

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