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2 WHO AM I? Graduated from Illinois State University Live in Palatine 6 th year at South 6th year volleyball coach I LOVE to travel! And shopping of course

3 COURSE DESCRIPTION This course will introduce you to the world of Fashion. You will learn the skills necessary for decisions related to personal grooming and image with emphasis on clothing and textiles. You will study trends in fashions as well as career opportunities. You will learn basic sewing skills by constructing clothing/clothing products.

4 COURSE CONTENT Unit 1: Values & Importance of Fashion What are some of the influences on fashion decisions? Unit 2: History of Fashion and Fashion Industry What are some of the factors that influence fashion history? How does the fashion movement influence the fashion industry? Unit 3: Elements and Principles of Design How are the elements and principles used in fashion? Unit 4: Personal Image What does fashion reveal about a person? Unit 5: Clothing Construction What skills do I need to learn and apply in order to complete a construction project?

5 COURSE OUTCOMES At the end of this course, you will be able to: Apply a general understanding of fashion terms, trades, and construction.

6 COURSE REQUIREMENTS Meeting Schedule: This course meets everyday 2nd period Materials: Textbook: Clothing: Fashion, Fabrics, & Construction (classroom set) 3-Ring Binder or Folder Everyday supplies (pen, paper, etc.) Construction Project Supplies Class Set-up Notes, Videos, Bookwork, Activities, Projects, Construction Project(s), etc.

7 CLASSROOM PROCEDURES Attendance Good attendance is necessary – this is a project based class. Only sewing construction projects completed in class will be graded! Tardies Being on time is a life skill! Assignments No credit will be awarded for late assignments unless approved by the instructor Remember if you are a Senior, you have the opportunity to be exempt from the final exam

8 CLASSROOM PROCEDURES Make-up Work Same # of days absent to hand in missed work 1 week maximum to complete missed tests/quizzes No additional time for construction projects Make-up work is YOUR responsibility Check for Make-up Work: 1.In Folder 2.WithTeacher

9 GRADING Your quarter and semester grades will be based on point accumulation of the following: Daily Work/Participation Assignments (in class and out of class) Projects & Construction Project(s) Presentations Displays Assessments Grades are online... It is your responsibility to log on and check periodically!

10 CLASSROOM PRINCIPLES Your role as students is to: Contribute to a safe learning environment. Practice life skills (organization, respect, being on time, working together, etc.). Build relationships based on trust. Accept differences. Learn. Contribute, not dominate. Have the mindset that anything is possible!

11 REMEMBER THE 3 Rs R espect R esponsibility R eady to Learn

12 OTHER FACS COURSES Foods Foods I & II Commercial Foods World Foods Adult Living Child Care Child Development Preschool Lab Child Care Services Housing & Interior Design

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