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Mrs. Warren’s Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness Syllabus Course Objectives Grading Procedure Rules and Expectations.

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1 Mrs. Warren’s Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness Syllabus Course Objectives Grading Procedure Rules and Expectations

2 Supplies Needed for Class Textbook Pen or Pencil 3-Ring Binder (large rings) Loose leaf notebook paper 5 Dividers Apron Ponytail holder

3 Class Rules Respect the speaker, the property and other students Bring all supplies to class each day. Use appropriate language/choose appropriate discussion topics. Follow kitchen rules and procedures Follow handbook rules and policies Have a written hall pass when leaving the room for any reason. Do not throw anything in my class—trash, spit wads, supplies, etc. Leave my room clean and orderly each day. This include the bookshelves that house your supplies. The bell does not dismiss you, I do!

4 Class Expectations My expectations for you... Listen, Listen, LISTEN! Give your best effort everyday. Ask questions if you do not understand Put a complete heading on your assignments Use the computer constructively. Trips to the restroom need to be handled before class begins. Wash hands before beginning any task in the kitchen.

5 Course Objectives To be exposed to basic nutrition information and be able to apply it to daily food choices. To understand the basic principles of food preparation including recipe reading and selection to promote a healthy lifestyle. To practice safety and sanitation in the kitchen at all times.

6 Here is how to put a complete heading on your assignments... Name (First and Last) Date

7 The late work and make-up work policy is explained in the student handbook. 1 day after due date = 75% of grade 2 days after due date = ZERO

8 Check the absent tray hanging on the wall beside the white board. Daily assignments will be in the top tray, pick them up, complete and turn in the following day. Do not work on these during the class period unless given permission by Mrs. Warren. Do not take these with you. You will need to schedule a time to come in and take the test that you missed. Your name and the date will be on the assignment in the tray.

9 Quizzes/Major Exams/Projects25% Laboratory Assignments25% Daily Work35% Participation15% Your notebook is an important learning tool for this class. You must keep a notebook and it will be graded every 3 weeks. Remember, that several grades will be entered at one time and once the notebook is graded, the “late work” time has passed.

10 Quizzes and Exams We will have a quiz after we complete each section. Test information = notes, textbook, handouts and worksheets, labs and DISCUSSION! If you miss a test, it is your responsibility to see me and arrange a time for you to take the test. You have one week to make arrangements.

11 IT’S REQUIRED You will be required to keep a notebook for this class. All of your notes, handouts, worksheets and quizzes will be filed in your notebook. *You should file the papers according to the date behind the appropriate divider: –~Notes/Handouts –~Quizzes/Exams –~Worksheets (Papers with Grades) –~~Lab Notes/Evaluations –Recipes/Food Journal NOTEBOOK

12 Classroom Procedures All TESTS and LAB EVALUATIONS should be turned in to the appropriate basket labeled with the class name— Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness. You may leave your notebooks in the classroom on the shelves in the back. You will keep these shelves neat or your supplies will be taken to your locker. My room will be left clean daily. If you use supplies for various projects, you will not be dismissed from class until everything is returned to its proper storage place. All discipline will be handled quickly and fairly and will be appropriate for the misbehavior.

13 The Lab aka The Kitchen There are several rules to follow while working in the kitchen. All rules and procedures will be reviewed before working in the kitchen. You are not allowed in the kitchen for any reason without permission from Mrs. Warren. If you use something in the kitchen, it is your responsibility to clean up after yourself. DO NOT MISS A LAB! You will be required to make up the lab assignments that are missed.

14 Final Thoughts... You get out of this class what you put into this class. Your positive attitude and enthusiasm about learning skills that are essential to living are the keys to the success of this class.

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