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Welcome to Biology.

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1 Welcome to Biology

2 Why Study Biology?? “Bio” means life “logy” is the study of
Biology is the study of life!!! What can be more important?

3 Why study biology? To learn about your body. Practical applications
To learn about the past. To try and shape the future.

4 What you should expect from this class.
To gain a better understanding of life science, especially: The scientific method Microscope usage Chemistry The cell and cellular processes DNA Genetics Evolution Ecology Kingdoms of life

5 Grades !!! Tests and Projects 50% Quizzes 15% Labs 15%
You will have to work hard for your grade The most important thing is to hand in your work on time! There is no substitute for effort! Tests and Projects 50% Quizzes % Labs % Classwork/Homework 20%

See the student agenda/handbook Everything that you do counts Biology End of the Course State Exam in May!

7 What I expect from you A positive attitude! RESPECT!!
Try your best! Don’t give up, even if it seems too difficult I expect you to try. Always hand in your best work- if it has your name on it, it is a reflection on you. Maturity- towards your work, towards me and towards your classmates. If there is a problem with anything or anyone (including me) let me know- we can try to resolve it.

8 The RULES! Do what you are supposed to do
Respect me, others, and the classroom! NO food or drink! NO electronic devices (cell phones, I-pods, etc.) are to be used during class unless specified by teacher Keep lab tables clear except for necessary materials Come to class on time and prepared to learn!

9 The RULES! NO late homework!
Projects/Labs will have a deduction each day late. Up to 5 days late maximum before you receive a zero. Follow directions! Bring all materials (notebook, pen and pencil, paper) to class- you will not be permitted to go to your locker.

10 When you first come into the class…
You are to go to your seat and get ready for class. Take out your binder and open to the Do Now Section of your binder. Start to work on the Do Now – it will either be displayed on the board or handed to you when you walk in.

11 Bathroom Policy You may not leave the room for the first 5 minutes or the last 5 minutes of class. Do not ask to go while instructions are being given. When you leave the class you must sign out and then sign in when you return.

12 Policy On The Leaving The Room
You are not permitted to go to your locker at all. Bring your textbook, notebook and a writing utensil every day. Anytime you leave the room, you must sign out (name, date and time) and take the hall pass.

13 What to bring to class every single day…
Pen Pencil Highlighter Your notebook A three ring binder Loose Leaf Paper 5 Dividers Do Now Vocabulary Notes Worksheets Study Guides and Assessments Folder – to hold labs

14 Goals Get you organized!!
Get you motivated (hopefully you already are!) Get you prepared for upper level classes! To leave this class having learned something! Have FUN!!

15 Homework You will have homework every night. Every night you are to take home your notes and your book and review what was taught in class. This may take 5 minutes or 20 minutes, depending how well you understand the material covered. The next day you are to ask me any questions that you did not understand from the previous days’ class. ***Since you are reviewing all your notes every night, do not be surprised when you come to class the next day and a quiz is waiting for you.

16 Extra Credit You will be given plenty of opportunities to do well and be able to get extra credit during the marking period. I do NOT give out extra credit assignments at the end of the marking periods!! (So please do not ask me for one)

17 If you are absent It is your responsibility to get the class work and homework that you missed. There is a folder set up in the front of the class for each day of the month. It is your responsibility to go to the folder and get the correct handouts that you missed. Then ask if there is anything additional you should know. You will be given one day per day absent to make up the work missed. If an assignment is due the day you are absent, it is due the day you return!

18 Property Damage Laboratory equipment is expensive, please be very careful. If anything is damaged as a result of carelessness, you will be held responsible. No lab equipment may leave the biology room. Leave the fish tanks alone. Nothing is to go in or out of them. You may look but DO NOT TOUCH! Do not write on the desk!

19 Have fun! I love biology and I hope you feel the same way by the end of the year! I really want you to enjoy this class so feel free to make suggestions (not in the middle of class though).

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