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On Big Business Features at a Small Business Price T: 1800 85 00 87

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1 on Big Business Features at a Small Business Price T: 1800 85 00 87

2 Why Solus One? Price The best Value for Money proposition in the world Cost Savings Maximizing efficiency for management & agents Minimizing training time Reducing Capital Costs Quality A feature rich stable environment making you internationally competitive T: 1800 85 00 87

3 85 The Solus One system will address any challenges you may face when running a call center….. Sales Deadlines List Penetration Client Retention Employee Training Employee Monitoring Cost Analysis Reporting Easy Setup Low Start up Costs Gain a Better Understanding of Your Business Your ideal solution for Starting a new business, Growing an existing business or trying to Increase sales and productivity. T: 1800 85 00 87

4 Blended Inbound and Outbound calling Minimal training time Easy to use CRM module Fast & easy set-up Real-time reporting Start-up with no major capital costs Virtual Call Centre Solution T: 1800 85 00 87

5 Agent By simply using a high speed internet connection, telephone and computer our solution allows you to deploy Agents anywhere in the world Additional advantages include: Easy to identify disposition hot keys Station status bars along the bottom Easy access to advanced features along the left side T: 1800 85 00 87

6 Supervisor Can coach, train and monitor Agents Can diagnose any issues quickly and ensure minimal downtime Ability to increase performance through Agent ratings T: 1800 85 00 87

7 Manager Easy to use interface for managing multiple campaigns and lists System can be easily setup to automate various tasks Increase efficiency of the Agents and the dialer Easily manage different shifts Quickly identify sales performance and data availability T: 1800 85 00 87

8 A Predictive Dialer is a Standard Feature with Solus One Advantages of a Predictive Dialer Increase agent talk time up to two to three times Increase connected leads by up to 300 %; lowering your average cost per lead Increased sales and profits, often as much as 300% Improved agent moral, since theyre not manually dialing Predictive Dialer T: 1800 85 00 87

9 Customization Customization is a key element to any business Solus One empowers you the user to: Create your own real time information screens Change the look and feel of the program Customize security to allow only the access you want For advanced customization Solus One can program your specific needs T: 1800 85 00 87

10 Reporting Advanced reporting to manage your call centre cost effectively Customize your own reports to meet your clients specific needs Detailed real time reporting to identify top Agents performance and sales metrics T: 1800 85 00 87

11 Monitoring Provide real time information on Agents/Campaigns/Inbound lines Monitor and record your Agents from anywhere in the world Coach your Agent on a call without the client hearing you Coming soon, the ability to screen capture Agent calls T: 1800 85 00 87

12 C Help Desk Provide ticket based tracking of issues Escalates issues to the appropriate team Provides access through a web site, accessible from any location Detailed reporting on ticket performance and outstanding issues T: 1800 85 00 87

13 om Sales Desk Ideal for B to B sales force Create multiple campaigns with multiple leads list per Agent Separate leads into 3 categories and 3 sub categories eg. Hot, Medium, Cold eg. Cold: Not Interested, Not Available, Wrong Number T: 1800 85 00 87

14 IP – PBX Connection Connect the Solus One system directly to your IP-PBX Have both systems working as a unified communication source T: 1800 85 00 87

15 Gain a Better Understanding of Your Business Needs. Scripting Features Reporting Features 25 Scripts 5 (1 Main Scripts and 4 Sub Scripts) MS Word Based Drop Down, Multiple Choice, Fill in Blanks etc... HTML Based Full access to the Code to customize Custom Reports You create your own reports from Formulas Provided. Additional Formulas can be added. Pre-Created Reports Agent, Campaign or Company Level Reports Available. Dailer Features Inbound Features Campaign Based Each Campaign can have different settings. Feature Rich AMD, Different Dialer Speeds, Preferences etc… Fully Customizable You decide which Features you want on / off. 4 Different Inbound Call Modes You decide how the Calls come into the Agents. Fully Integrated IVR System 5 Level IVR System with Call Forwarding, Queue Forwarding, etc… 3 Different Voice Mail Modes Company/Campaign or Agent Based Voice Mail System. T: 1800 85 00 87

16 Mobile Solution Same features and benefits as the hosted call centre solution 1-8 Agents per On-Site system Scale easily to 16 Agents One time initial license cost Very easy to set up and use Portable enough to carry it in your briefcase Free Technical support for 1 year T: 1800 85 00 87

17 For more Information call today Contact Us Tel: 1300 85 00 87 Email: T: 1800 85 00 87

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