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How We Manage SaaS Infrastructure Knowledge Track

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1 How We Manage SaaS Infrastructure Knowledge Track
Gadi Yedwab VP, Product Development Aaron Burruss Sr. Infrastructure Developer

2 Agenda SaaS Infrastructure Design Goals Product Architecture
Integration Automation How we manage SaaS Infrastructure Demo Agenda

3 Infrastructure Design Goals
Keep it simple! Scale to any number of customers Easy deployment hosted or on-premise Great flexibility for the customer Dev, Test, and Prod Decide when to upgrade Rich integration options

4 Infrastructure Design Goals
Easy to manage and support Manage the infrastructure using our product So you can manage yours with our product too Manage each instance entirely through the Web UI Great maintenance and diagnostic tools Performance monitoring and capacity graphs Measure response time and get breakdown View transactions log and slow queries Status and key metrics of the application and its components Debugging tools

5 Very High-Level Product Architecture
UI Java Web Application Server MID Server Database

6 Very High-Level Product Architecture
UI Java Web Application Server MID Server Database

7 Product Architecture Everything in the database
Customizations, full-text index queue, logs, message queue, you name it! Nothing in the file system Easy to backup, restore, clone, and relocate Cross-platform portability Storage independence Clustered nodes (synchronize via the database) Replication queue in the database

8 Product Architecture Java Web Application Server Scalable
JVM – cross platform Robust execution environment Portable and self contained Transaction concurrency controlled by semaphores JavaScript scripting (Rhino) Scalable Add clustered nodes as needed Add MID servers as needed

9 Product Architecture Standard Web 2.0 Interfaces
HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, cookies No browser plug-ins Web Services interfaces (SOAP) (inbound and outbound) Mobile interface

10 Product Architecture MID Server Monitoring, Integration, and Discovery
Connects to the application We don’t connect to you gets instructions and sends data Applications CMDB Integration: SCCM, LANDesk, etc. Discovery: probes and sensors Runbook: automation

11 Integration Web Services (SOAP) Email MID Server Security (LDAP, SSO)
Any data – inbound and outbound Synchronous and Asynchronous (message queuing) Inbound and Outbound – fully scriptable MID Server Security (LDAP, SSO) Import using file, FTP

12 Automation Scripting and scheduled jobs Runbook
We use it to check for upgrades, phone home, update text index, table cleaner, etc. Runbook We use it to manage the data center Graphical Workflow Standard operation procedures – implement a process that involves people, tasks, automation and approvals

13 Automation In Practice
Data Center Migration as an example Different servers, storage (SAN), and versions of the OS and JVM – no problem Move one or more instances at a time Move coordinated with each customer Use Runbook automation and replication Minimize downtime for the move Standardized process for each migration Process is refined with each migration Replication allows uptime during the migration

14 How We Manage SaaS Unit of service provisioning – the instance
Java application server + database Provision, move, promote, clone, configure, manage, de-provision, start, stop, upgrade We manage thousands of instances Automation using the platform, of course! Instances can be hosted, on-premise, and in various data centers (London, Geneva, etc.)

15 How We Manage SaaS No need for specialized hardware
Easy to scale – just add servers Failures are isolated and recovery is quick Storage is “partitioned” each customer’s data is separate Cost is contained and savings are passed to you!

16 Roadmap Data centers in London and Geneva
Self-service request of a clone Ability to schedule a clone Runbook automation Automate your standard procedures Automate diagnosis and response Empower your service desk

17 Demo


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