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@position2 800-725-5507 Rajiv Parikh CEO, Position Social Media Strategies Panel May 19, 2010.

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1 @position2 800-725-5507 Rajiv Parikh CEO, Position 2 @rajivparikh Social Media Strategies Panel May 19, 2010

2 Position 2 Search & social media marketing firm that delivers continuous growth for its customers through the proprietary Surround & Intent Marketing methodology.

3 The Extended Web Social Networks Blogs Widgets Images Videos Microblogging Documents Your Site

4 Understanding Your Company CorporatistPragmatistPurist Online activities must deliver business benefits People are in charge, but corporations can benefit People are the most powerful force on the net Courtesy : Groundswell

5 Developing a Social Media Plan – POST Approach People Accurate Target Audience Data Social Technographics Gap -> current & desired behavior Objectives Listening / Talking Talking Energizing Supporting Embracing Strategy 2 Way Communication Focus Groups for Ideas, Innovation Talk about your Products/Services Technology Facebook / Ning Blog / Twitter A Mix of Platforms

6 Execution – The 4 Cs ConnectionContentConversationConversion

7 Connection and Content Connection: Develop a media plan Content : Platform Budget Concept Campaign ViralsVideosArticlesMicrosites WidgetsApplicationsGames

8 Listen Listen to customers, fans and well wishers Reach Out Talk to influential users Interact Run opinion polls, contests, UGC opportunities Engage Engage with influencers to spread the buzz Conversation and Conversion Conversation Conversion Track social media analytics: No. of fans, followers, replies, retweets, etc. Use a social media monitoring tool to drive: Conversations Share of voice Sentiment Analyze influencers

9 Traffic Building Favorites ExamplesResources - Sites Position 2 Blog Groundswell http://groundswell.forrester. com http://groundswell.forrester. com Web Strategist http://.web- Mashable Chris brogan Jason Falls http://socialmediaexplorer.c om/ http://socialmediaexplorer.c om/ Youtube/Facebook Integrated Efforts

10 Position 2 Brand Monitor TM Real-time monitoring & analysis on conversations across millions of blog, social media, forum, news, video & photo sharing sites Key capabilities include: Dynamic tracking and response to conversations in real-time Easy to use interface and workflow Powerful brand, sentiment and share of voice analytics Cloud based infrastructure

11 Thank You

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