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Workflows, Requests, Tasks and EMu Mark Bradley National Gallery of Australia.

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1 Workflows, Requests, Tasks and EMu Mark Bradley National Gallery of Australia

2 Introduction project to replace NGAs current Collection Services Request System (CSRS) general project management issues for collecting institutions thoughts on how to proceed in developing a solution within Emu seeking interest from you

3 Contents why we need request/task management current solution (history of CSRS) issues we currently face can EMu help solve these issues? challenges - the big picture

4 Why do we need request/task management?

5 resources decreasing workloads increasing efficiency dividend

6 staff looking for help increasing need to systematically track workflows/tasks work getting more complex

7 Who? Movements Conservation any activity with a timeline/deadline Loans Installations Storage Curators Imaging Packing

8 History of CSRS at NGA competing priorities – digitally documenting the collection – providing high-quality images for internal and external publication – photographing gallery events Imaging department

9 History of CSRS at NGA In 2004 the Imaging department created by a staff member Imaging Services Request System Implementedin-house bespoke system to manage the request and supply of images.

10 History of CSRS at NGA SQL Server back-end Access front-end Connects with EMus standard libraries (APIs) (for the geeks)

11 Imaging Services Request System enabled IRU clients to request images – for publication (marketing, catalogues, books, the web) – ID shots in EMu – for presentations – of events (openings, etc)

12 Imaging Services Request System enabled IRU staff to: – check existing image database (avoid repeating work) – manage competing priorities – track progress

13 From ISRS … Other departments noticed potential to track other activities ISRS expanded to include management of requests for: – Conservation – Movements – Loans/Packing

14 …to CSRS system became known as CSRS – the Collection Services Request System.

15 CSRS Issues– why change? Wouldnt run on Macs Many technical issues Created by internal staff member, who later departed No service level agreement with the creator Fixes made when creator could find time (holidays, flex time)

16 CSRS Issues– why change? Could not keep pace with: – changes to gallery processes – repurposing of gallery spaces – or upgrades to CMS

17 CSRS Issues– why change? We tried paying a third party consultant to work on the system had to reverse engineer the design before able to work on it expensive way to go

18 staff looking for help

19 And so they turn to EMu

20 EMu solution options My task has been to conjure up a way to make EMu do what CSRS does. But better.

21 Tasks? Pest Checks and Notifications utilised EMus tasks function

22 Tasks? So close, but… – spread across different modules, so no single list of tasks, nor ability to relate tasks to each other – not in all modules (notably Locations and Multimedia) – no way of associating a request with over-arching project (such as an exhibition) – cannot cover the scope of the Imaging requirements

23 Tasks? Could work, but would need some serious customising

24 New Requests Module? Perhaps a better solution Pros: – all tasks in one place = easy search – different tabs for different types of tasks Cons: – expensive – slow to develop

25 Challenges Link with existing Imaging Database? What happens when we move to a DAMS?

26 Is EMu even the right system? The itunes generation are looking for modern, simple interfaces. Event the modest CSRS is more inviting than EMus interface Staff want something closer to Outlook for task lists DAMS will likely be web-based

27 The Big Picture Tasks are just tasks – how do dependencies work?

28 Task Dependencies Task Templates in EMu allow dependencies to be entered. But that seems to suggest a set critical path

29 Is Critical Path the right path? there is no such thing at the NGA flexibility is more important. rigid systematic controls are seen to hinder rather than help when deadlines are looming shortcuts

30 Summary increasing need for workflow management tools can it be done in EMu? can it be done well in EMu? do staff really want this?

31 Thats all keen to discuss if anyones interested Mark Bradley (02) 6240 6539

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