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MICHAEL MARINO CSC 101 Whats New in Office 2007. Office Live Workspace 3 new things about Office Live Workspace are: Anywhere Access Store 1000+ Microsoft.

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1 MICHAEL MARINO CSC 101 Whats New in Office 2007

2 Office Live Workspace 3 new things about Office Live Workspace are: Anywhere Access Store 1000+ Microsoft Office documents in one place Access them from almost any computer with a Web browser No more flash drives or sending yourself documents via e-mail Share With Others Invite people to your workspace You control who can view, comment, and edit your documents Stop manually merging versions from multiple people Works With Microsoft Office Open and save files directly from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Synchronize contact, task, and event lists with Outlook No need to learn a new program

3 Visio 2007 3 new things about Visio 2007 Effectively visualize, explore, and communicate your processes, resources, systems, and the data behind them with the wide range of diagram types in Office Visio 2007. Find recently used templates and documents quickly using the new Getting Started window. Integrate data with diagrams to combine disparate sources of complex visual, textual, and numeric information. Visualize data in diagrams with Office Visio Professional 2007 so you can easily understand the data and effectively act on the results. Display data in any diagram as text, data bars, icons, and color- codingall using the new Data Graphics feature in Office Visio Professional 2007.

4 Outlook 2007 3 new things about Outlook 2007 Having problems finding the information you need? Use Office Outlook 2007 to search for keywords, dates, or other flexible criteria to locate items in your e-mail, calendar, contacts, or tasks to save valuable time. Check your priorities for the day by looking at the To-Do Bar where your flagged mails and tasks are clearly laid out. The To-Do Bar also connects tasks you may have stored in other Microsoft Office programs like Project, OneNote, and Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services technology. Office Outlook 2007 has redesigned the look and feel of the messaging interface to make composing, formatting, and acting upon information an easier and more intuitive experience. You now have all of the rich features and capabilities of Outlook in an accessible and streamlined location, making it simple to navigate your options.

5 Groove 2007 3 new things about Groove 2007 Teams often lack context when working on a project because not everyone is in the same place and connected to the same information and systems. Groove workspaces add context by putting all people, tools, and data in one place the workspace that's accessible to all team members right on their computers. With Office Groove 2007, you and your team decide what tools you need to get the job done. Choose from more than ten basic tools, such as Files, Discussion, and Calendar, as well as several prebuilt workspace templates. Or design your own custom tools with Groove Forms and Groove InfoPath Forms. No more switching tools when you need to work with people outside your organization. With Office Groove 2007, it's as easy to invite a customer or partner to a workspace as it is a coworker.

6 Access 2007 3 new things about Access 2007 Office Access 2007 provides a completely new experience with the Office Fluent user interface, new navigation pane, and tabbed window views. Even with no database experience, any user can start tracking information and creating reports to make more informed decisions. With a rich library of prebuilt solutions, you can start tracking your information immediately. Forms and reports are already built for your convenience, but you can easily customize them to meet your business needs. Contacts, issue tracking, project tracking, and asset tracking are only few of the out-of-the-box solutions included in Office Access 2007. Share your Access information with the rest of your team using Windows SharePoint Services and Office Access 2007. With the power of both applications, your teammates can access and edit the data and view real-time reports directly through a Web interface.

7 Word 2007 3 new things about Word 2007 New Smart Art diagrams and a new charting engine help you create great-looking content with 3-D shapes, transparency, drop shadows, and other effects. You can now publish blogs directly from Office Word 2007. You can configure Office Word 2007 to link directly to your blog site, and use the rich Word experience to create blogs with images, tables, and advanced text formatting features. With built-in workflow services in Office SharePoint Server 2007, you can initiate and track document review and approval processes from within Office Word 2007 to help accelerate review cycles across your organization without forcing people to learn new tools.

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