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Going Virtual: Using EMu to organize and present Canada’s cultural heritage.

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1 Going Virtual: Using EMu to organize and present Canada’s cultural heritage

2 Using Event Records To Record Work Flow Events are any activity that occurs involving staff or space at CMCC. These may include: exhibits; programs; work flow activities and visits to collections.

3 Master Record for Event Project

4 Master Record: Objects Tab

5 Example of Problem Event Record

6 Example of Problem Catalogue Record

7 Example of Good Catalogue Record

8 Main Design Goals For Web Interface Bilingual Interface and Data Provide a “simple” search for the public Provide a browse for “pretty pictures” Provide a reusable customized interface Provide support for other projects

9 Simple Search Interface

10 Advanced Search Interface

11 “Pretty Pictures” Browse all the “pretty pictures” Content vs. Image

12 Detailed View

13 Narratives

14 Customized Interface: Collections

15 Customized Interface: Nursing

16 Customized Interface: CCO

17 What is the CCO Project? Part of the Department of Canadian Heritage’s way of bringing a strong Canadian presence on the web Ranges from digitization of material, translation, interactive entertainment, teaching materials and more!

18 What is Our Digitization Process? The object or document is taken to be photographed or scanned

19 Getting Images Into EMu The resulting images are colour calibrated, numbered and burned to CD. After being verified, the CDs are processed and stored

20 What Do We Have to Show For It? Thanks in part to CCO funding, 14% of our collection has been digitized (nearly 400,000 objects, documents and multimedia!)

21 Working With Other Databases We also use EMu to store multimedia for other DBs such as GEAC

22 Archival Process Archival Selection process : Is it project related? Yes No Document prepared and sent for digitization Digital Creations scans document and create: Tiff – hi res Jpg – low res Image number is assigned Ex: E2005-xxxxx Image saved onto CD along with Excel list matching document number with image number Digitization Officer acquires CD CD number Is assigned CD is stored at library Metadata from Excel list Is imported in KE – Photo Tab and accessible to KE users Cataloguer borrows CD KE Multi-Media Team borrows CD All Jpgs from CD are copied and temporarily stored on server Metadata of images is extracted in report format from KE-Photo Tab : Data + Jpg images are matched Metadata report + Jpgs are uploaded through automated process in KE – Multi-Media module Multi-media record created for each image Showing basic info: Image number, CD number, CD barcode, thumbnail Images on CD are catalogued in GEAC LCN (library control number) is assigned to each record GEAC Administrator extracts cataloguing metadata and prepares it in a report form GEAC report is sent to KE-MM team KE – MM record is retrieved and updated with all cataloguing metadata

23 KE – MM record now fully catalogued All KE-MM records from CD are regrouped Report is created to extract each record’s metadata for URL creation Report is sent to GEAC Administrator GEAC Administrator loads report In GEAC; linking URL to catalogue record Image is now displayed on Museum Website with all cataloguing information Image is requested by outside client (ex:web visitor) Licensing Officer verifies copyright & ownership of image Does Museum own copyright? NO Yes Licence issued to outside client CD is borrowed by Photo Archives Research Officer Tiff image is delivered to client Image cannot be used by client Archival Process (continued)

24 The Near Future? A possible Myst-style online game for students based on trades and crafts from 1830’s to 1930’s Quebec.

25 The Far Future? A small virtual exhibit directly connected to EMu to allow visitors access to our collection in a 3D environment.

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