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ICOLC October 4, 2001 OCLC Services. Purpose Libraries’ web-based information portal needs –Maximize consortia’s role in their members’ use of database.

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1 ICOLC October 4, 2001 OCLC Services

2 Purpose Libraries’ web-based information portal needs –Maximize consortia’s role in their members’ use of database resources OCLC’s services – overview, pricing, distribution models –Roles of consortia and libraries –OCLC services through portals

3 Roles of libraries and consortia Multiple portals and interfaces across consortia and libraries Consortia level/individual institutions –Local system –Web page –Portal software Increasing importance of consortia –Multi-type, single type, local system- based, others…

4 OCLC’s Focus Helping consortia & libraries integrate services into their portals and workflow Open OCLC services –Work with portal of choice Package and present our services to work for/within consortia Develop new services Leverage cooperation in building new services that extend the portal –Cooperative reference –Archiving

5 What We’ll Cover To Illustrate Our Strategy and Actual Plans WorldCat FirstSearch

6 Extend WorldCat Make it easier to integrate WorldCat into the library portal Use WorldCat to help libraries “surface” their collections and services on the Web Expand FirstSearch portal capabilities Explore possibilities for a WorldCat-based Union catalog service Goals for WorldCat/FirstSearch

7 “Discovery View” of WorldCat WorldCat linking program FirstSearch enhancements WorldCat Union Catalog Service Projects

8 Discovery View of WorldCat

9 ArticleFirst Authorities CORC Pathfinders Q&A OCLC Databases Item-level indexing Linked Repositories Custom Views My consortium My library My subject My region Services - Recommendations - User Evaluations - Activity-based interfaces Remote Circ. ISO ILL Buy it Licensed Content Fulfillment Options Extending WorldCat Discovery View Results set Sort by holdings/format Collocation Record Display TOCs Reviews Biographies Cover art Linking Services OPAC Licensed Services Web Sites

10 WorldCat Enhancements - 9/2001 Evaluative Content 500,000 book cover art pieces 250,000 book summaries 76,000 book tables of contents Interface Upgrade New record display Document type icons easier to use All languages displayed

11 Search Screen with Icons

12 Document Icons and Tabs

13 Record Display

14 Book Summary

15 What’s next for WorldCat? December 2001 –More evaluative content –Scoping for small groups –Integration of the ECO/ArticleFirst dbases February 2002 –Sort results by library holdings –Limiting by “sub-document” types Ongoing work –Oracle rearchitecture -- Enables full scoping, collocation, unicode, and more...

16 WorldCat Linking Program

17 Problem: Library collections are “invisible” in portions of the library portal and on the broader Web OCLC approach: Use WorldCat to connect patrons to library collections from Licensed services offered by the library Popular Web sites outside of library portals

18 WorldCat Linking Program How it works... –OCLC partners with trusted third parties Reference service providers, search engines, local system vendors, book sellers, Web sites, etc. –Partners link to WorldCat Known item or subject searches Current partners –Links return... Metadata about the item(s) Holdings information for relevant libraries (generic or custom) Links to library catalogs and library fulfillment options (libraries control these links!)

19 Item record or results list in partner application Find in Libraries Link An example “Find at a library” link Check Catalog

20 WorldCat Linking Program - Status Interface available 9/16/2001 Alibris link enabled 10/3/2001 Testing with additional partners Program available in Q1 2002

21 FirstSearch Enhancements

22 FirstSearch focus Interface: Tighter integration with the library portal Gateway/portal services Patron customization Content: Develop WorldCat & OCLC content Load content that is unique to OCLC Grow Electronic Collections Online

23 FirstSearch as a Gateway to Library Collections 3 rd Party A&I Periodical Full Text OCLC Dbases FirstSearch Databases Remote Circulation ISO ILL Document Suppliers Article linking Fulfillment Options Local Holdings Z39.50 Databases -Point-and-click configuration for ~170 databases Local Catalogs - OPACs as FS databases Library Portal FirstSearch FirstSearch Database Record Display

24 Tighter Integration with the Library Portal Integration with local/regional catalogs –Display local Z39.50 holdings (Q1 2002) –Display Z39.50 OPACs as FS databases (Q3 2002) –Remote authentication with local patron files (TBD) Linking services –Linking from WorldCat to Web Booksellers (available) –OpenURL linking to remote services (Q4 2001) –Article linking for non-OCLC full text (Q1 2002) –Linking to remote ISO ILL services (TBD) –Linking to non-FS Z39.50 dbases (TBD)

25 Display Z39.50 local holdings

26 WorldCat Union Catalog Service

27 WorldCat Union Catalog Solution Problem –Managing regional catalogs in multi-type consortia with disparate local systems Hosted solutions are expensive, incomplete and difficult to manage Distributed solutions suffer from performance problems and tend to be incomplete

28 WorldCat Union Catalog Solution OCLC concept: WorldCat Union Catalog –Would offer a hosted alternative to local installations –Based on a “scoped” view of WorldCat –Would integrate batchload, cataloging, ILL, “patron” catalog into single service –Rationale: could reduce local technical burden, offer expanded service and lower costs –Status: Under investigation

29 WorldCat WorldCat Union Catalog Service Group View Staff View Patron Access FirstSearch Interface Extended WorldCat Local catalog integration Z39.50 gateway Fulfillment options Z39.50 Client Local systems Other client software Library View WorldCat linking service Web services Local systems OCLC Cataloging/ Holdings maintenance OCLC Fulfillment Services ILL (group processing) local system link Digital content Consolidated Administrative Module

30 Other notable projects Web ILL IPIG profile database FS customization Cooperative reference service

31 OCLC working with consortia… helping libraries serve their patrons.

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