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DNA & RNA Structure.

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1 DNA & RNA Structure

2 What is DNA and why is DNA important?
DNA is able to determine an organism’s traits by determining the structure of an organism’s proteins DNA makes up segments of information called genes. Many genes make up one chromosome. There are multiple chromosomes found in the nucleus of every cell. Where is DNA found in a eukaryotic cell? Nucleus D. DNA is the recipe for all living things (code of life).

3 Structure of DNA Made up of many nucleotides linked together:
Nucleotide is composed of: a. One deoxyribose sugar b. One phosphate group One nitrogenous base i. Purine: adenine & guanine ii. Pyrimidine: thymine, cytosine

4 Picture of DNA

5 Shape of DNA Twisted ladder or double-helix

6 DNA Continued…. 1. Double-stranded (made up of two strands)
a. Nitrogen bases are held together by hydrogen bonds (weak bond) in the middle of the molecule b. Deoxyribose sugars and phosphates make up the sides of the ladder/molecule c. Antiparallel  run in opposite directions 2. Helix  twisted or coiled

7 DNA - Antiparallel

8 Who discovered the structure of DNA?
1. James Watson  American biochemist 2. Francis Crick  British physicist 3. Rosalind Franklin  X-Ray crystallographer 4. Occurred in 1953, Watson & Crick were awarded the Nobel Prize for their work!!!

9 Structure of RNA Made up of many nucleotides linked together
B. Three main structural differences from DNA: 1. Sugar is ribose 2. Single-stranded 3. Replace thymine with uracil

10 RNA vs. DNA Structure

11 RNA Structure Continued…
D. May leave the nucleus, unlike DNA E. Three types of RNA: ribosomal RNA (rRNA)  makes up the ribosome transfer RNA (tRNA)  brings amino acids to the ribosome to make a protein messenger RNA (mRNA)  carries DNA message out of the nucleus and to the ribosome

12 DNA vs. RNA Chart Take a few minutes to complete the chart by looking back over your notes for the answers. Chart with Answers

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