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Troubleshooting Common Printer Issues for PC. Focusing Questions What are common printer issues? How can you resolve these issues?

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1 Troubleshooting Common Printer Issues for PC

2 Focusing Questions What are common printer issues? How can you resolve these issues?

3 Instruction

4 Framing The Session In this lesson, we will focus on how to identify common printer issues for PC and how to resolve them. The instructions for troubleshooting are specifically written for the Lexmark printers used in the DOE environment. For other printers, please refer to the manufacturer’s user guide. We will practice how to identify and resolve these problems

5 Teaching The first step in resolving printing issues is to identify the problem(s). Make sure the printer’s power cable is plugged in. Make sure the CAT 5 cable (looks like a phone jack) is plugged in. Check if the paper tray is filled. Check if any error messages are showing on the printer screen and/or the computer screen. The most common problems are either paper jams or connectivity problems.

6 Guided Practice To correct paper jams, the Tech Team has to check four different locations on the printer. First, pull out the paper tray to check if paper is stuck in the feeder. Second, pull out the ink cartridge and see if any paper is caught in the rollers inside the printer. Third, open the panel on the back of the printer to see if any paper is stuck there. Finally, see if the paper getting caught when it is coming out of the printer. If the answer is yes to any of these locations, pull out the paper gently. For connectivity problems, make sure the printer is correctly plugged in (both power and Cat 5). Make sure the wireless switch is pushed forward on the laptop in order to pick up the wireless connection.

7 Work Time

8 Getting Started This lesson will give the Tech Team the skills to assist teachers and other students in resolving common printer issues.

9 Work Time Paper Jams – students will proceed to a printer that is currently functioning properly, look at the locations where the paper jam may occur, and note how a properly functioning printer to should look like. When they encounter a printer that has a paper jam, they will attempt to identify any deviations from what they saw on a working printer. They can then attempt correct any deviations to prevent future paper jams. Connectivity Problems – there are times where a printer won’t print because the printer or the computer is not connected properly to the network. The students will check if the printer is connected properly to the data drop in the classroom. Then, they will check if the network card lights are blinking.

10 Work Time (continued) If the lights are blinking, then it is connected properly. Check the printer’s network setup menu to see if the printer is getting an IP address. If yes, copy down the IP address and proceed to the computer to configure the printer port. Make sure the computer is connected to the network. On the computer, you would follow the following steps to configure the printer port: 1.START -> PRINTERS AND FAXES 2.RIGHT CLICK ON THE CORRECT PRINTER -> CLICK Properties -> CLICK Ports TAB 3.Locate the port settings that were originally setup when installing the printer 4.CLICK Configure Port and see if the IP address matches the one from the printer 5.If it does not, type in the IP address from the printer 6.CLICK OK Attempt to print out a test page using the print test page in the General tab. If it still doesn’t printer refer it to the technology administrator.

11 Share

12 Have the Tech Team identify what they observed Have them tell you what they found difficult Allow them let you know if they think there is a better way in resolving the problem. Share

13 How does this work address the questions that began the session? Answers

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