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Attack on British Trench. Gas Attack Trench Another Trench.

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1 Attack on British Trench

2 Gas Attack

3 Trench

4 Another Trench

5 Aerial View of Gassing

6 American Soldiers After Having Been Gassed

7 German Soldiers With Machine Guns

8 American Soldier w/ Gas Masks

9 Good reason why not to be a German spy in the French army

10 WWI: The End, a Time for Peace The Fourteen Points Plan, Armistice, Paris Peace Conference, League of Nations, Treaty of Versailles

11 Wilson's Fourteen Points Plan In January of 1918 President Wilson of the U.S.A, addressed his congress with a plan that would eliminate future wars of such catastrophic nature. This plan became known as the Fourteen Points Plan. It’s fourteen points summed up are:

12 No secret treaties Freedom of the seas for all nations Removal of all economic barriers, such as tariffs Reduction of national armaments Adjustment of colonial claims so they were fair to both the imperialist powers and the colonial peoples Establishment of “a general association of nations” to guarantee political independence and protection to small and large states alike (i.e. League of Nations)

13 Armistice & Paris Peace Conference By November of 1918, Germany was in retreat and their forces were taking heavy blows from the advancing Allied forces. They would sign an armistice (an agreement to stop fighting) on November 11, 1918 ending the fighting.

14 Graph on Casualties and Injuries of WWI

15 Amount Spent on WWI in Billions


17 By January, the leaders of the four major allied nations (U.S., Britain, France, Italy) would meet at Versailles, outside Paris for what came to be known as the Paris Peace Conference. None of the Central power nations were invited, though. (what kind of statement does that make?)

18 David Lloyd George Vittorio Orlando Georges Clemenceau ?

19 The point of the conference was to draw up terms of peace following the end of WWI, but much of the talks were over the reparations that the Central powers should have to pay for starting the war.

20 The Treaty of Versailles After six months of negotiations, the delegates finally agreed upon five separate peace treaties, one for each of the five Central Power nations. The main treaty was the Treaty of Versailles with Germany. This treaty had three major provisions: 1.Territorial Losses 2.Military Restrictions 3.War Guilt

21 Territorial Losses Germany would lose a lot of its land/territories Some was used to make Poland Some was given to France (Alsace and Lorraine) Most of Germany’s oversees colonies were taken away




25 Military Restrictions Germany’s army and navy were limited Germany couldn’t have any troops along the Rhineland (industrial area along the French boarder) What implications would such events have on Germany? Would there be any animosity caused by these?

26 Article 231: The War Guilt Clause Group activity: Analyze Articles 231-35 of the Treaty of Versailles and answer the following questions:

27 Who was responsible for the war and all of the debt? Which country had Germany already pledged to pay for complete restoration? Would Germany have to pay the same amount year after year? What would all of the money that Germany was paying the allied countries pay for? By what date did all of the money have to be paid by?

28 Another Part of the Treaty was the League of Nations Woodrow Wilson of U.S.A. came up with this idea. The League of Nations was a body of nations that cooperated with one another to promote peace throughout the world. The whole point of the league was to create tight knit relationships among the nations involved, which would in turn prevent another war from occurring. 40 nations would come to join this body, but unfortunately due to the unpopularity in the U.S., the U.S. would not join the League.


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