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Kingdom=Anamalia Phylum=Chordata Class=Mammalia

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1 Kingdom=Anamalia Phylum=Chordata Class=Mammalia
Chimpanzee Facts Kingdom=Anamalia Phylum=Chordata Class=Mammalia Order=Primates Family=Hominidae Genus=Pan Species= Pan Troglodytes Scientific Name= Pantroglodytes Average Life Span=45 years old Average size=1.7 meters Average weight=70 kg

2 Chimpanzee description
Chimpanzees are very hairy, posses long arms, and are very similar to humans possesing 99% of the same DNA humans have. Chimps walk on all fours and occaisanally on their two feet. Chimpanzees have a thick dark fur coat that is usually is infested with ticks.

3 Special adaptations to survive in an chimpanzees habitat
During night they make nests about 9-12 meters in trees Males hunt cooperatively for baby monkeys and bush pigs They also can be taught sign language Some chimps have been seen using twigs to extract termites from their den Some chimps use wood and stone tools to open their nuts

4 Chimps habitat Chimps have been found in 21 African nations Only 10 African countries have more than 1,000 chimpanzees residing there (from Chimps are on the endangered species list and are threatened to extinction due to poachers Chimps are mainly found in rainforests and savannahs in Africa.

5 Diet Chimps are omnivores eating both meat and vegetables Chimps eat mainly fruit but also leaves flowers bark and honey for the herbivore part of the diet Chimps eat baby monkeys, bush pigs, termites, and birds for the carnivore part of the diet Termites are 5% of the chimpanzee diet Females spent twice the amount of time of eating insects than males do.

6 Predators Chimps main predators are leopards and humans Some ways humans are predators are that they cut down parts of the forest, poach them for their hide, and keep them as pets Leopards tend to attack chimp babies during night time to not wake up the group they are in

7 Chimpanzee Groups Chimpanzees live, hunt, and sleep together throughout there lives 40 to 60 chimps usually live together along with 6 to 7 chimps in a smaller group These groups are called a tribe Chimps spend a lot of time grooming each other Chimps communicate together vocally, with gestures, and facial expressions

8 Chimpanzee behavior Some chimps will kill recklessly only eating half of their prey Chimps tend to fallow how their parents acted Chimps usually live in Rain Forests and in the Savannah to escape the cold weather Chimps hunt in groups to help with a kill and to get more food fast

9 The names of male and female species
Chimps do not have different names

10 Interactions with humans
Recently there has been an attack on a 55yr. Women in Connecticut that was visiting her friend that owned a chimps Chimps are usually the main attraction at Zoos Chimps can sometimes be pets to owners although they are wild animals

11 Endangered chimp species
Chimps are endangered due to humans cutting down forests and poached Leopards stalk and eat them

12 Other interesting Facts
Chimps are the only types of monkeys that don’t have tail They have opposable thumbs and toes that help them grasp things a male chimps never leave their community they were born onto

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