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By Tyler Brown. Central Africa Tropical Rainforests.

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1 By Tyler Brown

2 Central Africa Tropical Rainforests

3 Common Mountain Gorilla Silverback Gorilla Blackback Gorilla Scientific Gorilla gorilla

4 12 years or older (silverback) Any younger (blackback) Females begin motherhood around 10 Female adult size: 200 lbs. Male adult size: 400 lbs.

5 Average Height: 5 ½ feet (Standing) Average newborn weight: 4 lbs. Walk on all fours Pack Animals

6 Herbivores Mostly plants and fruit Eat ants out of ant nests Occasionally worms or grub

7 Live in troops Led by dominant Silverback Male Highly soicable animals Have strong bond within troop

8 If more than one silverback, only one leader Distribute food evenly among troop Generally peaceful and gentle

9 Facial expressions Sounds Postures Gestures Chest Beating

10 Main predator: Humans Other predators: leopards Prey on no animals

11 Have no “requirements” Live in forests Cloudy Misty Usually cold

12 1995: 16,900 Unfortunately Decreasing

13 Poaching Habitat destruction Disease transmission

14 1 Where do mountain gorillas live?

15 2 Do gorillas live solitary or in groups?

16 3 What are Mountain Gorillas main enemy?

17 4 Do mountain gorillas have any climate requirements?

18 5 Are mountain gorillas carnivores, omnivores, or herbivores?

19 apes.aspx?gclid=CI3b04XbvLsCFUMV7AodviQAhA apes.aspx?gclid=CI3b04XbvLsCFUMV7AodviQAhA 7Pi9HdvLsCFcTm7Aodw28Apw 7Pi9HdvLsCFcTm7Aodw28Apw

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