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Spider Monkey By: Cortney Bickley.

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1 Spider Monkey By: Cortney Bickley

2 Description Classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordate
Class: Mammalian Order: Primates Family: Adelaide Genus: Abeles Species: Geoffrey

3 Shape Dimensions The spider monkey has a small stomach, with long brown or black legs. male female Length: 38-48cm cm Height: in in. Weight: kgs kgs.

4 Colors and markings Some colors and markings of the spider monkey are gold, red, brown, or black. The spider monkeys hands and feet are black.

5 Habitat Parts of world Environment
The spider monkeys live in the lowlands of the rain forests from Mexico to South America. Environment The environment the spider monkeys live in are in 75 degrees and lower temperatures.

6 Diet Spider Monkeys do not eat meat.
90% of the spider monkeys diet is fruit and seeds. 10% is leaves, flowers, and tree bark.

7 Family Life One baby is born every two to five years.
The gestation is days. The spider monkey is not born in a certain month. The shelter the spider monkey lives in is in a nest in a tree.

8 Family Life Span The mother takes care of the baby for as long as one year. The first five months the baby clings onto the mothers back.

9 Social Behaviors Characteristics
When the monkeys are in groups they jump on each other and chase each other. Characteristics Temperament: Spider monkeys have a temperament on animals on the land that are not in trees.

10 Defenses Habits and unique behaviors
When they are alone they have a loud bark that is harder then they bite. Defenses Some of the defenses the spider monkey have are grunting, and roaring. They are the loudest animals on land.

11 Acquiring food Life span
They chew there food off of trees. Then they eat it. Life span The life span of a spider monkey is 22 years old in the wild but different in the zoo because of special attention.

12 Others Did you know that spider monkeys have no thumbs.
They use there tails as a fifth finger.

13 History Present Status
Spider Monkeys were found in the lowlands of the rainforest from Mexico to South America. The spider monkeys live in the evergreen rainforests. They never are on the ground because they are always in the trees.

14 Relation to humans The spider monkeys have a similar eating habit like us humans. They eat fruit like us. They also have arms to eat with like us humans do.

15 Others They spider monkey gets there name by hanging on trees with four hands and a tail. There brains are very complex.

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