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Judicial Branch Chapter 11: The Federal Court System.

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1 Judicial Branch Chapter 11: The Federal Court System

2 JOB OF THE JUDICIAL BRANCH To interpret laws

3 Types of Courts Inferior Supreme

4 Jurisdiction authority to hear a case

5 State state State courts have jurisdiction over cases involving state laws. Federal courts have jurisdiction over cases involving ______________ laws.

6 Federal Jurisdiction How do you know (if it’s a federal case)? What it’s about US laws Treaties Interpretation of the Constitution (Monroe v. Madison) Maritime law (shipping) Who’s involved Ambassadors Citizens of different states State vs. state US government

7 Types of Jurisdiction original appellate concurrent Hears a case first Hears a case on appeal Shared between federal and state

8 Supreme Court (original and appellate) 94 District Courts (original, most trial cases) Special Courts (Tax Court, Territorial Courts, etc.) Appeals from State Supreme Courts 12 Appeals Courts (appellate)


10 HOW CAN A FEDERAL JUDGE BE REMOVED? Impeachment by Congress A check (and balance)

11 Supreme Court Has _______ members Each judge is called a __ __ __ __ __ __ __. The chief justice is John R______________.

12 Judicial Review The power to declare a law or court case to be unconstitutional Established in M________ vs. M_________ Most cases [are, are not ] about Constitutionality, but they get more press.

13 Supreme Court Jurisdiction Original When foreign governments or a State is involved MOST cases are on appeal. Appellate

14 Types of Courts Inferior Supreme

15 Inferior Courts Constitutional Courts Article __ __ __ courts __ __ __ __ __ courts* Special Courts* Article __ Courts Deal with the ___________ powers of Congress Ex: US Tax Court, US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, Territorial Courts, Courts of District of Columbia Legislative *Legislative courts

16 (94) District Courts *at least 1 per state District Courts hear 80 % of federal cases. Criminal cases Civil cases

17 Supreme Court Decisions Chapter 12

18 A term begins in October

19 During the term, each month The first 2 weeks They “sit” and listen to __________ arguments. The second 2 weeks They do paper work during their “ __ __ __ __ __ __.”

20 The number of cases per year How many are appealed to the Court About 9,000 How many are heard by the Court About 100

21 Rule of Four 4 justices must agree to hear a case

22 Briefs Written documents read by judges before the case

23 Oral Arguments Lawyers may talk before the Court for only 30 minutes. When a red light comes on, they have to stop immediately.

24 Opinion Written statements about a case The ___________ opinion is in favor of the winning side. The concurring opinion is from a justice who is in the majority but for a different reason. The ___________ opinion comes from justices who disagree.

25 Precedent Judges quote (cite) similar cases from the past.

26 Issues before the Court Foreign affairs Civil liberties Economic issues Due process


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