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Functions of Management Mrs. Nations Introduction to Business and Technology.

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1 Functions of Management Mrs. Nations Introduction to Business and Technology

2 Management  Is the process of coordinating resources in order to accomplish an organization’s goals  Is carried out by a supervisor, manager or management team

3 Supervisors & Managers  Conduct the management process  Set goals for the business  Guide the activities of the business  Keep the business moving toward set goals  Make things happen, but do not usually perform actual jobs in departments or businesses  Are responsible for seeing the work is completed

4 Management  Efficiency  means doing the task right  is the ability to do something well or achieve a desired result without wasted energy or effort  refers to the relationship between inputs and outputs

5 Management  Effectiveness  means doing the right task  translates into obtaining business goals  is not always efficient

6 Management Tip  To be a good supervisor you must be concerned with both reaching goals and doing so in an efficient manner

7 Supervisors & Managers  Control the following:  human resources  financial resources  material resources  information resources  Direct others using various management styles

8 Management Styles  Tactical Management  Strategic Management  Mixed Management

9 Tactical Management  Directive Approach to management  Makes major decisions  Stays in close contact with employees

10 Strategic Management  Less directive and controlling then tactical management  The team works together to make decisions  Trust the employees to work without direct supervision.

11 Mixed Management  Using a combination of both Tactical and Strategic Management  Effective managers are prepared to use both styles of management!

12 Management Tip  The best managers and supervisors are able to use situational management  Situational management occurs when a manager or supervisor can adapt the management approach to a particular circumstance

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