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American Romanticism I hear America Singing Walt Whitman.

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2 American Romanticism I hear America Singing Walt Whitman

3 American Romantic Period Period Running from 1800-1865 True American movement Romantics were a part of the Manifest Destiny era. The expansion of the west and vastness of nature and America. The Lewis and Clark expedition was in full swing and it was this idea of the Noble Savage taken further. There was vast expansion and the world was good. The discovery of a distinctive American voice.

4 Romantic Movement The Romantic spirit seemed particularly suited to American democracy. It stressed individualism, affirmed the value of the common person, and looked to the inspired imagination for aesthetic and ethical values.

5 Romantic Traits values feeling and intuition over reason places faith in inner experience and the power of the imagination shuns the artificiality of civilization and seeks unspoiled nature prefers youthful innocence to educated sophistication champions individual freedom and the worth of the individual contemplates nature’s beauty as a path to spiritual and moral development looks backward to the wisdom of the past and distrusts progress finds beauty and truth in exotic locales, the supernatural realm, and the inner world of the imagination

6 Romantic Writers Walt Whitman Washington Irving Edgar Allan Poe Nathaniel Hawthorne Herman Melville Ralph Waldo Emerson Henry David Thoreau Walt Whitman Emily Dickinson Frederick Douglass

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