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Act smart. get connected. Global electronics Club – Guided Tour.

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1 act smart. get connected. Global electronics Club – Guided Tour

2 Marketing yourself in a professional business context  Treat your profile as a business card : Market yourself and your company on our business platform specific to your branch.  Get found - by business people who are looking for precisely that which you and your company have to offer.  Decide for yourself whether you want to be found by search engines and thereby improve your search engine ranking.

3 Privacy and data security  You have control over who may contact you, e.g. just contacts of your contacts, your third degree contacts, etc.  will never pass on your data to third parties.  All of your communication on openBC is encrypted particularly securely.  Enjoy 100% control over your privacy: You can adjust your privacy settings individually, and can therefore decide who can see which of your details. Or you can approve access to your phone number or private address for certain members only, for example.

4 Establishing new business contacts  Use openBC as a professional matchmaker : openBC shows you precisely those contacts who want what you have and have what you want.  The multilingualism of the platform assists you in making new contacts and create new business opportunities on the international market.  speeds up the process of initial contact developing into an active business relationship.  The intelligent search feature helps you to effectively look for potential project partners, clients, suppliers, experts, new employees, ex-colleagues, former university friends and many other interesting business contacts besides.

5  Displaying, expanding and managing your business network is straightforward with  Benefit from forming new business relationships with contacts of your contacts within a secure network.  Keep yourself up-to-date about which of your contacts has a birthday coming up or has just changed company. Expanding your network systematically  You have the option of controlling the individual settings of your personal start page: You can, for example, display the contacts of your contacts, new members or the next events in your region.

6 Identifying experts and receiving advice on any topic  Our groups give you access to a wide variety of specialist knowledge and expertise at any time.  The discussion groups guarantee seriousness - there are not anonymous contributions.  Benefit from a non-hierarchical exchange with renowned experts.  Set up and moderate your own group.

7 Comfortable search function  Search agents : Your search agents notify you by email as soon as new members register who match one of your saved searches.  Power search : The power search features various search options such as the search for colleagues/ex- colleagues, members from the same university or members who have recently visited your contact page.

8 Meetings and events  Offline events : Find at events in your region. Meet interesting business people and get to know your business contacts on a personal level.  Appointments : With you can manage your appointments, plan events simply and securely or announce your own events under public events.

9 Join the club free of charge! act smart. get connected. Click here to register:

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