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Digital Marketing Franchise Advertising Marketing Tools.

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1 Digital Marketing Franchise Advertising Marketing Tools

2 WHY SHOULD YOU LISTEN:  The world is changing...  Digital marketing will impact your franchise business... whether you do anything about it or not  The biggest single commercial opportunity – EVER!

3  100% of our potential franchise clients have web access  More than 500m people in the EU have an e-mail address  25% of all searches on Google are for commercial information

4 1. WEBSITE  You must have a Site... ...that gets traffic... ...and gets the email account buzzing You have to be crystal clear about the objectives of your business on your website

5  People want proper information... ...that is relevant and to the point.  If you generalise, you lose them.  Quality is more important than quantity.  Be on the first page(s) of Google.  It is a new world of communication and research.

6 2. DATABASE  The single biggest asset in your business  Build it, nurture it, segment it...  USE IT!!!!! Build your database with all fields that allow best possible filtering

7 What will clients be looking for? What search words will they type? Carefully consider that when creating your Domain name and keywords

8  Excellent domain name (URL)  HTML- & user-friendly web portal  Clear and attractive content  Multi-lingual website (for int. expansion only)  Optimised meta tags & keywords  SEO = Search Engine Optimisation  Register other URLs with relevant keywords

9 1. Create a clear goal and a marketing plan 2. Make use of all offline marketing MUSTS : editorial, referrers, direct mail, search engine optimisation (SEO), seminars, advertising, franchise fairs, radio-/TV-interviews, etc. 3. Make use of all online opportunities such as Franchise Portals 4. Sign up Adwords – and use it for projects 5. Invest in yourself 6. Keep learning “50% of success is turning up and doing it!”


11 Build realationships with relevant editors in charge of your business sector, and feed them with useful editorial content – journalists often need YOU as much as you need them.

12 Organise seminars that attract potential franchisees and/or clients. Subjects should be educational and interesting, they should convince the attendants of your business, WITHOUT you advertising it.

13 Google AdWords can put you in the web position you want to be in. It is cost effective and can cost you less than a Euro a day. It works on the “pay per click” system. Your offer is displayed on the right frame of Google’s websites.


15 Allow your advertising budget to attract potential clients substentially with clever, trustworthy advertisements. An easy formula is AIDA A = Attraction / I = Interest / D = Desire / A = Action

16 Introduce your franchise with a great effort to anybody with a large network of business contacts, amongst which you can find your future partners and customers. Offer referrers a success or finder’s fee on closing.

17 Franchise Fairs are one of the most important vehicles to find new business partners, improving your brand’s image amongst the visitors at the same time.

18 An absolute MUST when good address material of potential investors is available. DM must be followed partially by phone calls, and statistics must be kept up-to-date. Again, the AIDA formula must be used.

19 Assume topics when negotiating, when advertising, whenever, read between the lines, emphasize next steps of your opponent(s). Listen!

20 Your biggest asset. Here you collect the names of your customers, potential partners, press contacts, suppliers, etc. Useful for fast and easy access, for dispatch of newsletters, emails, advertising campaigns, the lot.

21 Database fields in groups:  Basics: Date, Source, Operator, Usage, Group (Master, Franchisee, Customer, Press, etc.)  Company: Name, Address, City, Country, Communication Data (phone, fax, email), Domain Name  Contact: Name, Firstname, Gender, Title, Position in Company, Email, Remarks; Background  Extras: Industry, Segment, Employees, Entity  Financials: Sales, EBITDA, Capital, etc.

22 Your web portal is an important business reference. It should reflect a sophisticated and professional image of your company, and must follow Corporate Identity guidelines for better brand recognition.

23 Today your web portal can not survive successfully without professional SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION, putting you in best possible position for the users eyes that seek your kind of business.

24 Links to other web portals are an important part of SEO, and improve your ranking – the more links, the higher ranking.

25 Tele-Marketers can bring leads to potential franchise partners. One should only use professionals with reputation and good references. Not in-expensive!

26 When done well, personalised e-mailing (via Windows “mail merge”) to selected addresses can lead to leads. It is cheap, but beware of spam issues. Your e-mail account might be blocked under certain circumstances.

27 Image advertising reflects the broad view on a business. It creates trust, professionalsim, quality, beauty, etc. This builds an image of the company. Product ads push the sale of a particular product and service.


29 Thank you for your attention !

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