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Photosynthesis and Respiration

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1 Photosynthesis and Respiration

2 What is Photosynthesis??
Plants using sunlight (energy), carbon dioxide, and water to make food and oxygen

3 The 2 stages of photosynthesis are:
1) Capturing the sun’s energy

4 The 2 stages of photosynthesis are:
2) Using the sun’s energy to make food

5 What 5 materials does Photosynthesis Require???
Sunlight Pigments a. Molecules that absorb sunlight (in the chloroplast the pigment is primarily chlorophyll)

6 What Does Photosynthesis Require???
The Chloroplasts (in the leaves), where photosynthesis takes place!

7 What Does Photosynthesis Require???
Carbon Dioxide a. Taken in through openings in the leaves called stomata Water Taken in through roots in the ground

8 Photosynthesis Equation
In words: Carbon Dioxide LIGHT Water Oxygen Glucose (Food) (Sugar) 6 CO2 6 H2O LIGHT C6H12O6 6 O2

9 Why is it important? Most organisms get their energy in some way from the process of photosynthesis Either by consuming plants or eating something that consumed plants

10 Can you think of any place in the world where photosynthesis doesn’t occur?

11 Homework Chloroplast Materials: Products: Water Sunlight
Carbon Dioxide Sugar Oxygen

12 Respiration

13 What is Breathing? Moving air into and out of your lungs, as your diaphragm muscle moves up and down in your chest

14 What is Respiration? Making ATP (energy) by breaking down food/sugar inside of your cells all over your body * EVERY LIVING THING RESPIRES… even plants

15 So…how is Respiration different than Breathing?
Breathing occurs at the organism level of organization, respiration occurs at the cell level

16 2 Types of Respiration Cellular (Aerobic) respiration: requires Oxygen
Fermentation (Anaerobic respiration): Does NOT require Oxygen

17 What does Cellular Respiration Require?
Glucose (food or sugar) - heterotrophs: organisms that eat their food - autotrophs: organisms that make their own food Oxygen - animals: take in through breathing - plants: take in through from stomata in leaves

18 What does Aerobic Respiration Require?
Mitochondria where respiration takes place

19 Aerobic Respiration Equation
In words: Carbon Dioxide Glucose Oxygen Water Energy C6H12O6 6 O2 6 CO2 6 H2O ATP

20 What do you notice about the Cellular (Aerobic) Respiration Equation
What do you notice about the Cellular (Aerobic) Respiration Equation? Does it look kind of familiar???? Respiration: Sugar + Oxygen = Carbon Dioxide + Water + Energy (ATP) Photosynthesis: Carbon Dioxide + Water + Energy= Sugar + Oxygen (Sunlight)

21 Cellular Respiration Sugar Oxygen Mitochondria Carbon Dioxide Water
Materials: Products: Mitochondria Sugar Oxygen Carbon Dioxide Water ATP

22 Fermentation (does not require oxygen)
Lactic acid fermentation: Occurs when your muscles are not getting enough oxygen, so they begin to have a burning sensation (b/c of lactic acid) and fatigue

23 Fermentation Carbon Dioxide fermentation:
Bacteria in cheese or yeast in bread release carbon dioxide and cause the bread to rise and the holes in the cheese

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