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Fall 2008 CTS Proposal. Outline Introductions Expenditures 2007-08 Summary Current Projects Issues Conclusion Questions?

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1 Fall 2008 CTS Proposal

2 Outline Introductions Expenditures 2007-08 Summary Current Projects Issues Conclusion Questions?

3 Introductions: IEEE Chair: Philip IEEE Vice Chair: Kevin Secretary: Jose Treasurer: Richard Mackie Parts Bin Manager: Pedro Robotics Chair: Daniel Events Coordinator: Edward Minter Webmaster: Mary Jane

4 Faculty Advisor: Dr. Yufang Jin Department of Electrical Engineering University of Texas at San Antonio One UTSA Circle San Antonio, Texas 78249 Phone: 210-458-5944

5 2008 – 2009 Planned Expenditures Planned Expenditures for Academic Year: 2008 - 2009  ~$9400.00 Parts Bin:  ~$1500.00Lab I/Lab II Kits (plus spare parts)  ~$400.00IEEE T-shirts Circuit Design Team:  ~$500.00 (Includes parts and travel accommodations) Robotics Team:  ~$1000.00 (Includes parts and electronics)

6 2008 – 2009 Planned Expenditures General Meetings:  ~$500.00(Refreshments and Snacks offered) Office Supplies:  ~$500.00 R5 Competition Trip:  ~$3000.00 UTSA IEEE Scholarship:  ~$1500.00 Miscellaneous Tours, Fundraisers & Competitions:  ~$500.00 Notable Changes: We have decided to increase spending on more educational type resources, such as the tutoring lab, robotics and circuit-design teams as well as more tours mostly to increase interest amongst the student body not only in our organization, but also in the field of Electrical Engineering

7 2007-08 Summary Meetings  Few Guest Speakers  Overall attendance increased  Officer Elections Region 5 Competition:  Received donations from EE Dept. and faculty  Robotics Team  Scheduled Meetings and practices  Attendance increase particularly in underclassmen  Placed 2 nd overall Activities:  Collaborated with MAES and all other engineering organizations for AT&T Tech Day  Hosted IEEE Computer Society Meeting  Collaborated with ASCE for paintballing  Video game drive for overseas troops  $1,000 Scholarship  Collaborated with Dr. Chen to start EE Student Council

8 Region 5 Conference Robotics Team:  Restructured, goal oriented, motivated  RESULT: Placed 2 nd overall  OUTLOOK: A few will be graduated, but we had many underclassman on the team, so they will serve as replacements Circuit Design Team:  RESULT: Unable to send a team this year  PLAN: Will use same approach based on success of for the Robotics Team.  OUTLOOK: We intend to send a team this year Student Paper:  RESULT: She was unable to attend last year  OUTLOOK: Promote and encourage student body

9 Fall 2008 Overlook Scheduled General Meetings Monthly Officer Meetings Weekly Circuit Design Meetings Weekly Robotics Meetings Scheduled Status Reports and Practices of participants of paper competition Officer Elections: December 5, 2008

10 General Meetings Discuss upcoming events:  Plan Tours  Discuss Competitions  Plan and Discuss Possible Fundraisers One guest speaker will be present every other meeting to share their experience with engineering life Provide food and refreshments Open up the floor to hear suggestions from other members.

11 Upcoming Projects Roadrunner Days Region 5 Conference  Robotics Team  Circuit Design Team  Paper Competition  Leadership Conference  SPAC Tours Fundraisers/Picnics

12 Roadrunner Days IEEE will be present at Roadrunner Days; an assembly sponsored by UTSA for incoming underclassmen to allow them to experience college life as well as meet with the different organizations IEEE will use this event with the goal to enhance interest of Electrical Engineering as well as our organization to the new students with the hope of increasing our members both in our IEEE branch as well as membership in our Robotics and Circuit Design Teams We would hand out: fliers, t-shirts, pencils, show them robots and circuits our teams have built, talk about upcoming events, as well as on location registering to IEEE.

13 EE Student Council/Scholarship First Time for Both EE Student Council  Representative for each class including IEEE, HKN, Faculty, and Dr. Chen Scholarship  $1500  Must be a EE declared major  Our branch will pay their membership fee for first year if aren’t so already

14 Issues Region 5 Leg Work  Budgeting errors  Bad Planning Reasons:  A lot of us were new officers  Transition stuff: office access, band acct. info. Etc OUTLOOK:  We will learn from past struggles and move on from there

15 Conclusion Major success for Robotics Team at R5 More funding will be put toward R5 Competition Continue Scholarship Partake in more collaboration Projects:  With other on-campus Engineering Organizations  With other IEEE Branches

16 Questions? Contact Information  Branch Office email:  Branch Office Phone Number: (210) 458-5944  Preparer of this Presentation:  IEEE Chair:Philip  Web Site:

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