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Chapter 2 Section 2 Ecosystems.

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1 Chapter 2 Section 2 Ecosystems

2 Ecosystems Ecosystem - formed by the interaction of plant life, animal life, and the physical environment in which they live. - Physical conditions that affect survival and growth of life in an ecosystem: - climate - elevation - sunlight - soil - temperature - landforms - precipitation

3 Environmental Change As human populations have grown, ecosystems have changed dramatically - loss of natural habitat usually leads to severe declines in animal and plant populations *(but not in all cases)

4 Biomes Biome- used to describe major types of ecosystems that can be found in various regions throughout the world. Example: A deciduous forest - moderate climate conditions - maple trees - deer, squirrels * this would be the case for areas in North America, Europe, or Asia

5 Forest Regions page 79 Tropical Rain Forest Mid-Latitude Forest
Coniferous Forest

6 Tropical Rain Forest

7 Mid-Latitude Forest

8 Coniferous Forest

9 Other Forest Types Chaparral- includes small evergreen trees and low bushes, or scrub - adapted to Mediterranean climate - located near Mediterranean Sea, southern California, South Africa, Australia, etc.

10 Grasslands page 81 Tropical Grasslands Temperate Grasslands

11 Tropical Grasslands

12 Temperate Grasslands

13 Deserts Plants and animals in the desert are adapted to extreme temperatures and scarcity of water

14 Tundras Tundra- where temperatures are always cool or cold
- alpine tundra - arctic tundra Permafrost- stays permanently frozen

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