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Prezentacja Szkoły Podstawowej nr 17 w Katowicach.

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1 Prezentacja Szkoły Podstawowej nr 17 w Katowicach

2 There are about 400 castles and palaces in Poland. We have chosen for you just 7 the most important places for us.

3 It was a residence of kings of the Piast, Jagiellonian and Waza dynasty. While Zygmunt Stary 1 st reigned, Wawel became the Renaissance castle. At the Wawel Hill there is a gothic Cathedral where Polish kings were crowned and buried Visit website

4 It is in Warsaw at Royal Square. It is used to be a residence of the Dukes of Mazowsze, since the XVI century the residence of king and Parliament. It was rebuilt and reconstructed after the Second World War. This castle has become a classic of Polish history and culture. It takes museum and fine functions.

5 Huge bricked castle contains High, Medium and Low buildings Castle was built by Teutonic Knights - a residence of commander of Teutonic Knights and then the capital of Teutonic Knights country. Its on the list of the World Heritage Unesco Visit website

6 The Castle was built in XIIIth century by Prince of Swidnica and later rebuilt. The biggest castle in Silesia and third in size in Poland Wirtual tour

7 Gothic Castle built on the mountain at the bank of Czarna Przemsza. Built in 14 th century during the reign of Kazimierz the Great, converted in 1834 and partly rebuilt between 1952-56. Today there is a seat of Museum of Zagłębie.

8 In the second half of 17 th century Tylman from Gameren built for marshal St. Lubomirski small pavilion, inside there was among others a bathroom with baths. Here comes the name of pavilion and then park and palace complex (Łazienka is Polish word for bathroom). In the second half of 18 th century it was a summer residence of king Stanislas August. Many palace buildings were built on his initiative. In the centre there is Palace On The Island, in the complex there are: an astronomical observatory, a theatre, Old Orangery, a Hunting Lodge, Old Guardhouse, New Guardhouse, Belvedere, New Orangery, Dianas Temple and Egyptian Temple. Place readily visited by tourists and Warsaw people. Wirtual trip

9 King John Sobieskis III suburban residence. From the half of 18 th century it became a property of wealth aristocratic families. Valuable baroque park and palace complex. Since 1945 it is state-owned and it is the Interiors Museum. Wirtual trip


11 How many castles and palaces are there in Poland? About 7 About 100 About 700 About 400 And the answer is: about 400

12 Warsaw PragueCracow Katowice And the answer is: Cracow

13 Whats the name of castle a residence of commander of Teutonic Knights? Malbork TeutonKsiąż Castle And the answer is: Malbork

14 Łazienki Zamek Królewski Wilanów Pałac Branickich And the answer is

15 Wawel in Cracow MalborkKsiąż Łazienki in Warsaw And the answer is: Wawel

16 Warsaw Cracow And the answer is

17 Kórnik Zamek Czocha Wilanów Krasiczyn And the answer is

18 Kozłówka Będzin And the answer is Rogalin Oporów And the answer is

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