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Diversity amongst new generation GPRs Dr. Nicola Gill Yorkshire.

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1 Diversity amongst new generation GPRs Dr. Nicola Gill Yorkshire

2 Aims

3 Our Group

4 Women 1990 13% GPs 2003 38% GPs 75% URP working part time 2004 >50% medical school entry female 2012 >50% workforce will be female

5 Working hours 1995 12% URP worked part time 2003 25% URP work part time 1981 1% male URP worked part time 2003 19% male URP work part time

6 Cultural diversity GPs working as URP in UK 2003 Country of qualification -80% UK -15% Elsewhere -5% EEA

7 Ourselves Who am I? How am I different/similar to the person next to me? What is my work ethic?

8 Nationality Language- verbal, non verbal + paralinguistic Gender Race Ethnicity Sexual orientation Social class Religion Health beliefs and expectations Legal rules Social norms Intelligence Wealth Appearance Politics Age


10 Ethnicity The belonging to a common group often linked by race, nationality, and language often with a common cultural heritage.

11 Race A socially defined population that is derived from distinguishable characteristics that are genetically transmitted

12 Culture An individuals character and belief system as influenced by their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, social status and environment.

13 Cultural competency Ability to adjust to forever new combinations of values and behavioural patterns Awareness Knowledge Skill Experience


15 Yorkshire GP Registrars Female210 Male 150 White58% Asian29% Chinese3% Black3%

16 Applications to Yorkshire Feb 2005 Gender Female177 Male434

17 Ethnicity 12 ethnic groups 328 Indian 138 Pakistani 33 African 28 British White Total 611 (1 not stated, 24 unable to classify themselves)

18 Country of Qualification Applicants to Yorkshire Feb 05 Qualification Country Not stated 14 Argentina1 Bangladesh 13 Bulgaria 1 Burma 5 China 1 Columbia 1 Czech Republic 3 Egypt 6 Germany 6 Ghana1 India 309 Iran 2 Iraq 15 Kenya 1Libya 6 Nigeria 25 Pakistan 62 Poland 1 Romania 3 Russia 4 South Africa 1 Sri Lanka 6 Syria 1 The Netherlands 1 Turkey 1 Ukraine 5 Undefined 71 United Kingdom 45 Grand Total 611

19 Group thinking Discuss BMJ article Share experiences concerns of working with GPs who are different to ourselves.

20 Small groups


22 A guide to how to advise, support and employ todays GPs. Its life but not as we know it!

23 Life after GP training…..

24 The workforce

25 The GP Presume not that I am the thing that I was before

26 Summary Gender Culture Experience Work/life balance Expectations and concerns Opportunities

27 Experience Is it a shared one?

28 1945-2005 Baby boomers Generation X Post modern

29 Young doctors concerns Perceived rigid and inflexible career structures Lack of careers advice Lack of personal support Poor work conditions Erosion of core values

30 Perception General practice may not always be a first career choice. Many move into the specialty as they perceive greater flexibility

31 Changing expectations Managers of change. Team players not team leaders

32 Summary Workforce is becoming more female. Greater diversity (cultural background, work ethic and expectation) GPs want salaried posts 86% female GPs and 56% of male GPs are interested in part time work. Most GPs will retire before they reach 60. 150 new GPs will need to be trained to replace 100 retiring GPs. RCGP- Career patterns

33 Daily Telegraph 3/8/2004 Influx of women doctors will harm medicine Prof Carol Black President RCP

34 Implications For the work force For training For GPs coming through the system

35 GP Careers Advice Information Guidance Counselling

36 Career choices for GPRs

37 Options Schemes with educational support Retainer Flexible Careers Career start R+R Salaried posts Locum work Partnership

38 Resources for GPRs YOU ME THEM Careers information on the Deanery website. Careers focus BMJ Exit course and booklet Books- Career Options in General Practice Telephone help lines and websites

39 Summary


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