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Go4it Programme Opportunities for Vulnerable Young People NEET.

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1 Go4it Programme Opportunities for Vulnerable Young People NEET

2 Go4it Programme – 3 year project January 2012 – December 2014 16 – 19 year old NEET Care Leavers & Teen Parents (male/female) residing in one of the 32 London Boroughs & City of London. Eligibility- legal right to be resident in the UK (must finish programme by 18 th birthday if temp right to remain).

3 Eligibility conti: Looked After/Leaving Care – being corporately parented or have left the care system in previous 24 months. Not in EET for more than 8 hours per week at start of participation including self employment. A lone parent, together as a family unit or living separately but parenting together.

4 SFA contract estimates for engagement over 3 years across London: Up to 532 care leavers Up to 798 teen parents male/female Teen Parents (female) generally rate between 10 – 20% in NEET and are usually at the higher end of Unknown average between 15 - 50%. Care Leavers generally low in NEET between 0.3 – 5% NEET and at higher end of Unknown between 5 – 35%.

5 Delivery Design Every participant allocated an Employment & Skills Adviser supporting participants with IAG (inc a person centred action plan), diagnostic needs assessment. Delivery of bespoke interventions to enhance job/study readiness skills. Access to a Go4it Fund/16-19 Bursary and rewards for participation & EET entry/retention up to 26 weeks/2 terms.

6 The Employment & Skills Advisers work with a team of Opportunity Brokers to identify and secure appropriate opportunities through our Specialist Recruitment Agency and Job Brokerage service to support EET inc work shadowing/work experience placements to aid entry into EET. Retention package of support to help sustain engagement for a minimum of 26 weeks if employed/Apprenticeships or two terms in education/training.

7 Social Media Young people access the projects social media using QR technology - Face Book/Twitter to receive up to date information on vacancies and on line professional support. Partners/networking receive e-newsletters with case studies and updates.

8 Current coverage of project Work in 27 of the 32 Boroughs with City links. Main source of referrals have been from Supported Housing, Family Nurse Partnerships (FNP), Family Intervention services, Leaving Care and Teen Parent support services. Referrals currently running at 66% target year 1 with 58% EET outcomes.

9 Main barriers Slow response by potential referral partners from strategic to practitioner level. Competition of other programmes including ESF funded. Partners swamped by programmes and not identifying programmes with specific focus to target resources.

10 Whats working Leaving Care services integrating the Go4it offer into their engagement programme: -Care Leaver week group work activities -Half term activity weeks; focused sessions to support skills development CSCS card mock tests/prep -Summer transition support with Go4it workshop offer

11 Teen Parent services integrating Go4it offer into their engagement programmes: -Children's Centre/Youth provision Teen Parent groups -FNP very good at referring & supporting male/female referrals Generic: -Supported Housing (121 & group delivery) -YOS referrals -Sharing NEET/Unknown lists for direct contact

12 RPA how we can support Y11 transition – -PRUs/alternative provision/schools can refer young people now/summer term for Go4it to sign up and engage over summer period to aid positive transition summer/September starts inc retention support. -Leaving Care/Looked After can refer new 16+/year 11 transition.

13 RPA conti NEET data can be shared (Information Sharing protocols straight forward to put in place) -We can track, engage and support year 11 transition saving Local Authority resources and targeting these key groups -Y12 providers to refer into Go4it early leavers to aid re-engagement into EET with retention support

14 RPA conti -Think about how we can be interwoven into current offer for added value and enhanced offer to these groups of young people - Assure services/practitioners that we are an enhanced offer and not trying to replace services/staff -Go4it runs on the principles of quality case loading & close partner working

15 Thank you Go4it Programme Manager Mob: 0758 4236486

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