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Maggie Carter Assistant Director, Learner & Family Support

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1 Maggie Carter Assistant Director, Learner & Family Support
Parent Support Adviser Training Why Parents Matter Maggie Carter Assistant Director, Learner & Family Support

2 Key to Improving Life Chances
Great! A Challenge Being a parent is… A responsibility Lonely Scary Fun

3 Strategic Partnership
For the Children's & Young Peoples Trust Comprehensive strategy to support and involve parents For the government Every Parent Matters For Plymouth's Local Strategic Partnership Supporting parents is a priority Youth, family and future generations

4 Children Act 2004 The Act puts improving children’s well being at the heart of our policies by creating clear shared outcomes across services embedded in legislation The Act places a duty on local authorities to make arrangements through which key agencies co-operate to improve the well-being of children and young people and widen services’ powers to pool budgets in support of this

5 Children Act – the Outcomes Framework 5 Key Outcomes
Be Healthy – enjoying good physical and mental health and living a healthy lifestyle Stay Safe – being protected from harm and neglect and growing up able to look after themselves Enjoy & Achieve – getting the most out of life and developing broad skills for adulthood Make a Positive Contribution – to the community and to society and not engaging in anti-social or offending behaviour Achieve Economic Well-Being

6 Children Act Children’s Trust Arrangements by 2008
Integrated Strategy Integrated Processes Integrated Front-Line Delivery Outcomes for children & young people Families Community Inter-Agency Governance

7 In Plymouth… Integrated Governance
Lead member for Children’s Services Director of Children’s Services Four Assistant Directors Children & Young People’s Trust Board

8 Integrated Strategy Children and Young People’s Plan Priorities
Joint Commissioning Strategy Parenting & Family Support Strategy

9 Integrated Processes Child Concern Model to Common Assessment Framework Information sharing protocol

10 Integrated Front Line Delivery
Locality Service Delivery Children’s Centres Extended Schools School Collaborations Integrated specialist teams e.g. Disability / Looked After Children


12 Providing Family Support Services Providing Family Support
City Wide Specialist Services Providing Family Support Family Support Wheel of Integrated Service Delivery Locality Based Services Providing Family Support Youth Offending Service Integrated Disability Team Parenting Programmes Parent Support Advisors Parent Support Advisors Coordinator Community Voluntary and Faith Sector Early Years Childcare Early Years Education Parent Partnership Advice & Assessment Education Welfare Officers Extended Schools Coordinators Common Assessment Framework Community Educational Psychology Service Speech & Language Therapist Community Public Health Workers Integrated Information System The Zone Integrated Locality Team Specialist CAMHS Plymouth Inclusive Education Transitions Team Multi Agency Support Team Coordinators Connexions Housing Plymouth Adult Community Learning Service Health Visitors Behaviour Support Team Children’s Centre Leaders Voluntary Representation Respect (Family Outreach Project) Specialist Parenting Programmes Dentists Police Optometrists Youth CAMHS Children’s Fund Programmes School Based Staff GP Surgeries Multi Agency Support Team City Wide Specialist Services Locality Based Teams offering Universal and Targeted Services with a Focus on Prevention and Early Intervention Social Care Fostering & Adoption Looked After Children Family Support Services Children In The Community Safeguarding 16+ Safeguarding is everyone’s business

13 Parenting and Family Support Strategy The Government is asking local authorities to:
Develop a strategy for the design and delivery of parenting support services that informs the Children and Young People’s Plan and takes account of parent’s views. Develop support services along a continuum, from early intervention and preventative services through to the use of enforcement measures. Identify a single commissioner of parenting support services, and Commission parenting programmes that are evidence based. There is scope for innovation too!

14 Why do we need this Strategy?
By taking a strategic approach to the development and commissioning of parenting support services we will be more effective at meeting the needs of families We will develop a continuum of parenting support which should reduce levels of duplication and ultimately improve outcomes for children/young people by working in a smarter way ‘Parent Support Services’ are defined as any activity or facility aimed at providing information, advice and support to parents and carers to help them in bringing up their children

15 Targeted / Preventative Parenting/Family Support
The Continuum of Services Specialist Provision Including enforcement Targeted / Preventative Universal Provision 100% of Parents Parenting/Family Support e.g. Parenting Orders, Care Orders, ASBOs, Specialist CAHMS e.g. Parenting Workshops, Behaviour Support Team, Community CAHMS, Education Welfare Service, Voluntary Sector Service e.g. Information Services, Books, TV programmes, Health Visiting, Extended Schools and Children’s Centres, PSAs

16 Parent & Family Support Strategy
How and where parents want it Information support and advice Easily Accessible Specialist Provision Targeted Provision Universal Provision A continuum of support Parent & Family Support Strategy Early intervention Part of where children go every day Makes a difference In localities

17 So… we know that Parents are the centre of children's lives
75% of parents want to know how to be better parents Schools and early years settings see children and young people every day Partnership between parents and schools has positive impact on children’s achievement (and vice versa!) Schools want to support parents and parents want to support schools – but it can be scary!

18 We want: Parents to have access to information, support and guidance appropriate to their needs Parents to contribute to planning for their children Parents to contribute to planning of services for all children and young people locally and citywide

19 Involving parents is a priority
Parent Carer Forum Recruitment Children’s Trust Board Involving parents is a priority Planning Developing & Monitoring Services

20 So the future is… Stronger collective voice for parents
Higher profile for parents Collaborative So the future is… Developing new roles and new relationships Local A funding challenge A challenge to old attitudes / ways of working Showing how we make a difference

21 We need you to: Good Luck!!
Be part of the continuum of support for parents in Plymouth Work alongside parents Help parents to understand ‘the system’ and ‘the system’ to understand parents Enable parents to put across their views effectively via the Forum and individually Be a bridge between parents, schools and services Good Luck!!

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