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Production Summary Tony Smith (Production Coordinator)

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1 Production Summary Tony Smith (Production Coordinator)

2 Tony Smith – VELO PRR Overview Introduction to production process Logistics / yield Delivery Rate Critical path items Risks Issues Summary

3 Tony Smith – VELO PRR Production process Top level view of production process See Talk for process control and QA

4 Tony Smith – VELO PRR VELO specific Cash critical Time critical These mean component wastage is BAD See next transparancy Delicate high value items Limited prototyping

5 Tony Smith – VELO PRR Limiting factors in production How many could we make?

6 Tony Smith – VELO PRR Comments on yield Safe on all components Silicon tight if unexpected breakages occur Approx 20% loss on silicon accounted for in production Recommend – purchase of 10 more R&Phi This would make approximately 50 + modules Currently cannot release Rs for Veto (6 requested)

7 Tony Smith – VELO PRR Steady state delivery rate Gantt chart analysis is dominated by obvious common sense factors Glue curing (eg 24 hours for hybrid to paddle ) Testing times Bonding times Burn-in in Vacuum Time Limited equipment and manpower (e.g. Bonders )

8 Tony Smith – VELO PRR Delivery rate – ctd. Using realistic work weeks and load on equipment and people Back of envelope 2 per week Gantt analysis – 2 per week We have yet to prove this in practice Most stages have been proven and timed – see Gantt Chart

9 Tony Smith – VELO PRR Ramping to delivery rate Rushing things is DANGEROUS Lost 4 electrical candidate hybrids in weeks to PRR Need semi-sequential startup (approx 3 modules at 1-2 weeks each).

10 Tony Smith – VELO PRR Rate

11 Tony Smith – VELO PRR Critical path to PRR Prove Sensor-Sensor Electrical Modules (~days based on 710) Base-sensor (2 week) Vacuum tank qualification(2 weeks) Improved jigging for handling (2 weeks)

12 Tony Smith – VELO PRR Risks with equipment Follows common sense Not perfect (PPARC +TJVB algorithm adhoc) Indicative of expense and risk e.g. cables now as high as sensor delivery Requires attention 8090 problem dropping as 710 comes online Parts and contract for spares evaluated High risk and impact low risk or impact !

13 Tony Smith – VELO PRR Issues Chronic problem we need to resolve 8090 is a lemon (same device as used by US for CMS production) Transfer to 710? Safety of modules Insist on more handling jigs needed (2 weeks?) Enforce 2 person module procedures as with sensor testing (onerous) db entry discipline Contamination Cleanliness of the hybrid Storage and transport Vacuum distortion needs to be measured

14 Tony Smith – VELO PRR Summary Our view is at least 3 weeks from production readiness Including improving handling Aim to start up over a month at ~ 1 /week Transition to 2/week in second month Increasing risk with cables 710 qualification likely to offset problems with 8090

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