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Liverpool LHCb Planning. April (2001) –Clean room (production facility) handover and qualification (April 19) (delayed to May 10) –Thermal model Results.

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Presentation on theme: "Liverpool LHCb Planning. April (2001) –Clean room (production facility) handover and qualification (April 19) (delayed to May 10) –Thermal model Results."— Presentation transcript:

1 Liverpool LHCb Planning

2 April (2001) –Clean room (production facility) handover and qualification (April 19) (delayed to May 10) –Thermal model Results and measurements –Mechanical measurements on prototype module –First delivery of p-spray PR03 detectors –Completion of PR04 cartoon for approval by collaboration –Tests of PR01 using laser system –Tests of PR02 using cosmic systems –First tests of IDE hybrid –Planarity tests of hybrid substrate (CF) May (2001) –Tests of remaining PR02 irradiated detectors using long-wavelength laser –Laboratory tests of PR03 detectors –Ordering of 860 nm wavelength laser –Planarity tests of CF substrate –Continuing tests of PR02 using IDE hybrid and laser/cosmic rig –Construction of second round of thermal module prototype –Start of design of kapton/CF hybrid. –Visit to Hamamatsu for PR04 discussions

3 June(2001): –Irradiation of PR02/PR03 (non-graded)detectors –Final Safety approval of NIKHEF cooling system (completed April 2001!) –Tests of thermal module with CO2 cooling. –Tests of mechanical alignment under CO2 cooling. July(2001): –Completion of Kapton/design. –Final delivery of PR03 detectors –Testing of PR03 –First stage of Clean Room equipment installation ready (bonders, probe stations)Commissioning of production bonder (Hesse and Knipps) Aug(2001): –Irradiation or PR03 graded and non-graded detectors Sep(2001): –Tests of PR03 graded performance –Design of gluing jig for LHCb(or ordering of Hesse and Knipps DJ 320) –Design of assembly jig for LHCb

4 Oct(2001) –Modifications to PR04 specifications in discussion with Collaboration. –Delivery of Kapton prototype –Testing of Kapton prototypes –Assembly of module zero (M0) using Kapton Hybrid –Irradiation of M0 –Placing of pre-production prototype orders with 2 manufacturers (PR04a,PR04b) Nov(2001) –Thermal and mechanical model testing of prototype module using M0. –Completion of PR03 testing. Dec(2001) –Testing of irradiated M0 Jan (2002) –Testing of completely populated M0 with available chip set. –Testing of 4 complete PR03 modules with M0s to evaluate prototype system test Feb(2002) –Redesign of kapton for improved performance

5 March(2002) –Submission of pre-production kaptons to be bonded to CF substrates (M1) April(2002) –Delivery of PR04ab May(2002) –Testing of PR04ab (laser) June(2002) –Irradiation of PR04ab prototypes –Delivery of M1 and substrates July(2002) –Testing of PR04ab with laser and cosmics –Testing of populated kaptons with chipset –Production Readiness review –Assembly,Q/A, Procedures etc Aug(2002) –Review of design specifications for PR05 (production sensor) –Fully populated PR04abs operational and tested in vacuum

6 Sep(2002) –Final specification decument for Production Sensors. Tendering process. Oct(2002) –Final review of hybrid designs. Specification document for hybrids prepared Nov(2002) –Tendering process complete for sensors. PR05 order placed. Dec(2002) –Tendering for M1 hybrids and substrates Jan(2003) –Module 0 production (using M0) –Module 0 testing and Q/A –Alignment of modules –Module 0 (3 off) shipping to NIKHEF –Receipt of hybrids April(2003) –Hybrid pre-testing (M1)

7 May(2003) –Receipt of PR05 detectors –Detectors Q/A June(2003) –Assembly process begins: 2 working hybrid+sensors/day Aug (2003) –testing procedures see PPESP document Sep (2003) –Including burn-in, vacuum test, thermal tests etc. Dec (2003) –complete set of modules available Jan (2004) –Continued assembly for contingency modules (20%) Feb (2004) –Complete contingency modules Mar (2004) –Complete system assembly on platform

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