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ATLAS Module building at Glasgow

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1 ATLAS Module building at Glasgow
Andy Blue: on behalf of the Glasgow ATLAS upgrade group

2 ATLAS Upgrade Replacing all the Silicon in the SCT
Presentation will focus on the Si Strip detectors (also work at Glasgow on the upgrade to the pixel detectors) Major changes previous modules More Asics (now 20) Will be reduced to More Strips 20*128*2=5120/module However, no fan in/link between Si Hybrids now glued directly ON to the Si

3 Atlas Upgrade Taken from “Parameters of the phase2 ITK Draft ” Layer 1: 28 staves (at r = 412) 2.4cm] Layer 2: 40 staves (at r= 555) 2.4cm] Layer 3: 48 staves (at r=698) 4.8cm] Layer 4: 60 staves (at r=866) 4.8cm] Layer 5: 72 staves (at r=996) 4.8cm] =248 Staves in total The number of modules in stave = 26 6448 modules in 3 years (150 weeks) 42.986modules per week 8.597 modules per day for all module building groups Assumes 100% yield!

4 Assembly of a Module 1) Glue ASICS on to a FR4 strip (‘Hybrid’)
Wire bonds for ASIC-ASIC 2) Glue 2 Hybrids onto a Si sensor (‘Module’) Wire bond from ASIC to Si Strips

5 Hybrid Construction Goal is to accurately glue 20 Si CMOS chips on to a FR-4 based panel to make a Hybrid

6 Present Technique Place ASICs in holder (Machined acetal with metal top)

7 Picking up ASICS Attach a vacuum jig to the holder

8 Hybrid Gluing Apply a stencil and spread glue evenly on back to leave 5 spots per asic

9 ASICs in position on Hybrid
Place vacuum jig on to FR4 board and apply a brass weight to cure the glue

10 Module gluing Goal is to glue to Hybrids (shown before) to a Silicon sensor

11 Module Alignment Frame is placed on a jig, then Silicon sensor placed in frame (held by small lip round edge of frame)

12 Module Gluing A cardboard stencil is placed on top of the Si sensor and glue is spread Glue used is an epolite epoxy

13 Module Assembly 2 hybrid pick up tools are then attached to the module jig

14 Work so far Hybrid Building Wire Bonding Readout

15 Hybrid Assembly

16 Wire Bonding Bonding Purchased and installed Bondjet 820
Fully wire bonded our first hybrid panel Wire bonded 1st half of module Successfully bonded trial of new pitch for modified module design

17 Testing HSIO FPGA development board Can test Runs SCTDAQ software
Hybrids Modules Stavelets (multiple modules)

18 Testing Testing both hybrids and modules now at Glasgow

19 Hybrid Testing - (Pre trim)

20 Hybrid Testing - (Post trim)

21 Next Test hybrids bonded at Glasgow Begin construction of Modules Test
Begin QA and full assembly structure Get ready for pre production

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